Teletype love

I’ve had the Teletype for a while. My programming experience is from when I did Basic programming on C128 back in the 80s. And then I’ve done some Max experiments. That’s about it. The Teletype code in the linked video could probably be done way more elegantly.

I confess - my modular stuff is rarely choice number one when I wanna make music. But lately when I got asked what my favorite module was, I answered “Teletype” (with the addition “conceptually”). The person I was talking to is pretty well oriented in the synth world, but he had never heard of Teletype.

So - I had an idea to make a tounge-in-cheek introduction to the Teletype module for people outside the monome-sphere. You might not be the primary audience, but I need to share it with you fine people as well. :heart_eyes:

I give you: “The Geekiest Way to Make a Four-to-the-Floor Beat”:



It’s too much for a intro video, but if you ever make a follow up, don’t forget the ER op.


Absolutely lovely how the tutorial covers a bunch of starting points for other types of sequencing scenes. I’m going to be messing with this tonight, for sure.

Do you have the full scene scripted out that you could share? Would be a great addition to the Teletype Codex or the lines-based code exchange!


I would have liked to more focused listen to what you were programming, but I love your approach!

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Can I save to USB and extract the text? I rarely save stuff, so I haven’t tried this.

Thanks for watching and feedbacking… @sam, @dan_derks and @unity2k.

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Great video. Been a subscriber to your channel for a while. Really liked the keyed teletype overlay. I’d love to see someone make a simplified series of tele tutorials somewhere between Neil’s 301 series and this. Great work.

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Yep! From the docs, just plug in a FAT32 formatted flash drive at any point:

All scenes in flash will be written TT??S.TXT to the root, where ?? is the scene number (00-31). Any files labelled TT??.TXT will be read to flash at the scene position ??.

The file format is text and human readable. I wouldn’t suggest doing complicated editing offline (on a computer) as the USB read doesn’t report syntax errors– it just aborts on a non-validating script. This feature is primarily intended for sharing scenes on the internet and backup.

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Cool! Been following your channel for a while, good to see teletype on there :grinning:

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