Teletype MIDI IN ops

is there a typo in the init script? i think you mean it to be MI.$ 1 1; MI.$ 2 1 (assign both note on and note off events to script 1).

not sure why you need to use pattern bank 1? if i understand correctly, you want to cycle through the notes that are pressed, correct? and you’re using trigger 2 as the arpeggiator clock?

Yes, the init script had a typo.

not sure why you need to use pattern bank 1? if i understand correctly, you want to cycle through the notes that are pressed, correct? and you’re using trigger 2 as the arpeggiator clock?

Yes, that is what I try to do.
Let’s say midi notes 2 3 and 7 a currently pressed, pattern 0 would look like this:
0 0 1 1 0 0 0 1 ...
The first 2 lines of script 2 transform that to pattern 1 which results in
2 3 7

I did not find a way to jump to the next 1 in pattern 0 (something like W EZ PN.NEXT 0: K PN.I is an infinite loop and slows down teletype extremely).
Storing only the second pattern would be even nicer for further manipulations.

ah i see. yeah, i don’t think you could copy non zero elements to a different bank in one script, you need a loop and a condition and you can’t combine both on one line. but you could implement it with one pattern bank: set the pattern length to 64 in the init script:

P.L 64

and change your scripts 2&3 to this:



script 2 starts by finding the next non zero element by calling script 3 up to (length - 1) times (we don’t need to search more as we’ll end up on the same step). if we do find a non zero step, we set the CV and output a trigger and move to the next step.

Thanks a lot!

Second line of your script 2 should be P.I instead of P.HERE.

Also your script 3 can be added to script 1 (as it does nothing if it is also triggered by midi note events and the midi instructions do nothing if triggered by script 2)

final version with 2 scripts and 1 pattern would be

MI.$ 1 1; MI.$ 2 1
P.L 64

L 1 MI.NL: P MI.N 1
L 1 MI.NL: P MI.O 0

L 1 P.L: $ 1

With midi controller with less then 16 keys / pads, the same idea can be done with using variables and BGET / BCLR instead of a pattern.

can confirm you can use the midi in ops with iConnectMIDI4+. i use it as my MIDI interface, so it’s great to be able to use it with teletype as a MIDI 2 CV converter.


also can confirm that 16n works when connected to teletype via USB. i would advice against connecting it directly though, since teletype might not be able to provide sufficient power, so use something to power it externally (like monome switch, 2 > 1 module, ext5v, offworld or a USB y-cable).

Hi! i have been playing around with the Midi In ops, really cool!
I was wondering if teletype can only receive midi trough the usb port.
I have a successful connection between teletype and a disting ex.
I have a midi expander connected to the disting, which is connected to the teletype via i2c.
Im probably fantasising but could the midi messages coming into disting be transmitted to the teletype?
Or is the usb port the only port way to get midi into teletype at the moment?
Thanks !

not possible - disting is a follower, and can only be polled by teletype, while a midi device connected to teletype via the usb port can trigger scripts.

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20 characters of Wait, what?!?!

that’s what these midi in ops are for - you can assign midi events to trigger scripts. doesn’t work with all midi devices though.

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I need to check if it works with MIDI Fighter 3D, that would be dandy! Imagine bashing at those big buttons, firing scripts?! That would be crazy!

it works with midi twister, so there is a good chance it’ll work with midi fighter as well. and you could try and pack 2 actions in each script, so then you could have 16 different triggerable actions.

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Thanks @scanner_darkly ! I think im going to use the usb out from the faderfox and plug directly into teletype.

just make sure your power supply provides enough power if you connect directly! also if you have an older revision teletype, it might not be able to provide sufficient power (teletype might freeze or restart - no harm, you’ll just have to unplug and power cycle).

i tried my faderfox controllers with teletype and it worked great! pretty crazy to be able to use something like pc12 with its 72 knobs.

Thanks @scanner_darkly im using a 2-1 powered switch. Im using a faderfox ec4. Yes the possiblities are crazy! Cheers :slight_smile:

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Damn, scriptable midi to CV or i2C? I am speechless.

Is there anyway to indirectly connect to another host (I know host-to-host won’t work) so that I can receive midi from ableton/renoise? I had signed up and intended to purchase crow for exactly this purpose (midi from renoise to i2c).

not the cheapest solution, but i’m using iConnectMIDI4+ exactly for this purpose, MIDI from renoise to iConnectMIDI4+, which is connected directly to teletype that sends divided MIDI clock to a trigger output and translates CCs to voltages on 5 telexo modules.


yeah I checked, that really isn’t available anymore. Plus it would make more sense to buy CROW anwyay!

However, there is a thread about 2-Host, and I wonder if that (or the MIDI USB USB from sevillasoft) would work to bridge the pc with the teletype?

should work in theory but i can’t confirm since i don’t have either - perhaps somebody tried it and can confirm it works?

Hi @scanner_darkly i wanted to ask you, is there a midi op that scales the value of the controller?
Say i have a midi fader sending cc 1 with values from 0 to 127, and i would like to scale that so i can use the fader to control the number of steps of pattern 1 on the teletype to 8 steps
Param.scale 1 8 ??
scratching my head over this…