(Teletype) Monitoring Live Variables (Done)


@sliderule was this final version implemented?
If so: is there a .hex file for it?

Nope, I’ve been working on other things. It should be done today.

Edit: procrastination is fun. Maybe tomorrow? :stuck_out_tongue:


I see you are all over Teletype! :slight_smile: just was not sure if I missed it or not.
When you post the hex, could you .zip the file? Seems like there are some issues with downloads that are solved by zipping files for transport.
Looking forward to it!
Thank you for all your work!


Whenever it happens is the right time.

Alpha build incoming this afternoon, wrapping up the recent features including an initial version of this layout.

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Awesome! Definitely looking forward to it!


The variables monitor looks and works great! It is very useful, especially when working with the new CHAOS features.

Thank you for developing this!


So, is this build safe to install or buggy?

It works with all the tests that I’ve run, but I’m getting strange errors on subsequent builds. Maybe a linking error. It’s possible that Alpha 2 suffers from some problem that I don’t know about yet :frowning:

There was no problem with Alpha 2, but Alpha 3 is out now (also with no problems).

Doesn’t look quite balanced to me.

i suspect this would be a regression, but shifting the live vars down a line might work. the error message line is visible rarely


8 pixels to the right maybe?

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I think this looks pretty good.

Final questions before I put a bow on this one, @tehn. What’s your final say on:

  • Hotkey (yes / no) – currently yes, and assigned to backtick

If yes,

  • Default (on / off) – currently off

Looks perfect to these eyes.


looking great. just for fun, want to try right-aligning the whole thing? though it might look weird without moving the columns closer together as well.

re: options, i’d suggest yes/on but i’m flexible

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I came looking for this, and I’m really happy and excited to see this so close to ready.

Coming back to say: so excited that this got implemented! And glad I could help in a small way make things happen.
I use this feature all the time!