Teletype: next/prev ww pattern via walk?

So I thought this would be easy peasy: hit walk, ww advances or regresses by one. I was thinking scripts on inputs 1 and 2, with one being

ii ww.pattern x add 1

and the other being

ii ww.pattern x sub 1

But I couldn’t figure out how to tell Teletype that x = current pattern.

How would you do this?

Also: regarding ww pattern changes in general, it seems like I can change patterns from script 1 but not script 2. For example ii ww.pattern 0 works when sent from script 1, but not from script 2. Why might this be?

in your script, x never changes

do this:

x add x 1
ii ww.pattern x

and the same for sub.

pattern changes should work from any script, or from live mode as well. are you certain that script 2 is getting executed?

Yeee I got this to work. And now TT is triggering scripts from all the triggers. I messed with it after I put ansible in my case and messed with the ii cords and stuff. I don’t think messing with the ii cable would have fixed it, but perhaps it did.

Now the next level: I’ve tried to figure this out from the tutorials but I’m doing something wrong (probably cuz I have yet to fully wrap my head around MOD; elementary school math was traumatizing). How do I get it to wrap around, so that if I’m on pattern 16 of WW and hit next, it will go to pattern 1 (and the same thing for previous patterns with SUB)? I know there’s gotta be a modulo in there somewhere.

From memory, the operator you’re looking for is called…WRAP !