Teletype - opinions

Hi all,

Looking for feedback on Teletype. Seems hard to come by for now but I’ve come across an opportunity to buy one. I own a Monone 256.

Looks fun, experimental, like Aleph. The reference to Mod/Tracker makes me think of my old Amiga days.


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Definitely try the forum search for “teletype”. Lots of threads.

This one is particularly great:

But these 7 tutorials are probably the best place to start for wrapping your brain around this lovely module.

it’s great. the extent of my code knowledge is basic html circa 2001 and i had no problem learning the ropes.

do you have any particular questions? perhaps ideas of how you’d like to use it?

4-track sequencing was the initial draw for me.


this is all you need to understand what you’re consider:

incredibly extensive, much work went into these.

also new edition of TT available widely ETA late next week.


are there any differences with the current edition?

same teletype as before!


@tehn Except maybe the screw holes are in the right place??? :yum:

If they are, any chance of getting a new panel for my v1 Teletype?


Is there a way to purchase a updated panel with the screw holes in the right place?

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I’d like a new panel as well if possible!

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Me toOoOoOoOoOoOoO20

Me three…

Send @tehn a message - I managed to get a replacement panel from him a while back. Not sure if they’re still available.

Question for those that got a new panel.

I just transferred the LED diffusers over into the new panel and a few are a bit loose and fall out when the module is fully assembled. Any suggestion as to how to get them to stay in the panel? I know a dab of super glue would probably work but figured I’d ask before impulsively going off and messing things up hah.

try a rotate-push-in motion. i’m surprised they’d be loose because they are insanely painful to install new. hours and hours of hand/finger destruction.

if supergluing i’d use the tiniest amount possible

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Will make sure they were fully in there…thanks for the suggestion!

@tehn, I made sure they were pushed in there as far as possible (no glue) and that fixed the issue. I shook the panel/tapped it before putting it back on and they don’t seem to be going anywhere. Thanks for the suggestion :slight_smile:

Didn’t want to start a new thread, this seems as good a place as any for my question…

Of late I’ve been strongly considering the Teletype. Initially dismissed because coding isn’t of great interest to me. However as I have accumulated compatible modules: Just Friends, w//, Earthsea, Whitewhale, Ansible and walk, I can’t help feeling that I’m missing an opportunity.

So what I’m trying to work out is… if I ‘just’ used TT to synchronise and arrange ES/WW/A + use JF in synthesis mode + trigger events from walk (+ whatever fruitiness comes from w//) - is it worthwhile for someone who is time-poor (young kids/busy job/limited energy reserves) ? Certainly these applications will be my starting point, perhaps pushing out into deeper water as time moves on. Can’t help feeling like I would be underusing in the extreme. Does anyone else use TT in this way?


I’m not sure that’s a great way to think about it, but I understand the feeling – Teletype is a very deep module, and honestly think it’d be difficult for anyone to use all of it’s functionality all the time. For instance, I sometimes feel I’m underutilizing the remote-control aspects of it, since I don’t have it connected to my White Whale or Earthsea. But ultimately that’s not really what I need it for, and that’s all that matters in my opinion.

If you have space for it in your rack, and think it will be a nice complement to your existing modules, I don’t think you need to worry about utilizing all, or even most of it’s features. In addition to it’s existing depth, since it’s an open-source project, new features are being added all the time by the amazing community, and I haven’t even scraped the surface of what some of those new features can do.

After having Teletype for a couple of years now, I can say it’s one of my most essential modules in my rack.


Interesting perspective, thanks.

Just ordered my first Teletype!

It will be my first experience in the Monome ecosystem and the lines community has played a big part in that. Thank you to everyone in helping support such an insightful and respectful forum.