(Teletype) Pre-2.1 Operators and Features


tehn, any chance to have thoses in the next update ? it would be great ! thanks :slight_smile:

i spoke about this :

with white whale, i would love to have a read position script, there’s actually only “cue to postion” (WW.POS) . with that, you will be able to synchronise trackers positions with white whale positions, So more CV OUT to white whale, it’s just an exemple…

and with ansible, i would love to be able to change the Edit position of LEVEL, like when you push buton 1 on the module.

these are both reasonable requests, i’ll get them on the list


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Filtering out these two observations from the EVERY thread:


I’m also open to these ideas.


doesn’t IF see anything non-zero as true? so there’s no need for EZ in there.


logically is the same as



edit: checked, yes, non-zero is true for IF

edit again: gah, i was thinking EZ not EQ Z


you mean EQ? it’s not equivalent though. consider the following script:

IF MOD T 3: TR.P 1
IF EQ 2 MOD T 3: TR.P 2
T WRAP + T 1 1 4

triggers will output the following:

T:   12341234
TR1: 11011101
TR2: 01000100


apologies, i read the intention as checking against zero— i totally missed the point.

i get what you’re saying now and it makes sense.


Not sure if this thread is dead or if we need a separate thread to discuss potential future operators 2.2, 2.3 and beyond… BUT…

I think a ratchet operator would be extremely useful. I’ve put ratcheting into a few teletype scenes, but in the latest one I was working on, I found the constraints of the DEL pre insurmountable for what I was trying to do.

TR.RATCHET (TR.RAT or TR.R?) with arguments for how many ratchets and delay between ratchets would be a really simple and powerful syntax for triggering ratchets on the trigger outputs.


This is the R feature, which is planned for sometime before 3.0.


what’s the status of FN?

I’ll feel like an idiot if it’s already included in one of the betas available
sorry…could not find a definitive answer myself