Teletype preset-change bug?

Hi, I just started to play with teletype/meadowphysics in max7. When I recall a stored preset manually or by text, teletype always hangs on the first note activated in slider. Only when I click on klsider it starts playing different notes. is it a bug or do I miss something?

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i haven’t checked teletype on max 7 yet-- so it’s likely a bug. i’ll add it to my list.

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I just tried it with max 6 and get the same behavior. Although the other steps are activated from meadow physics only first note its played.

i know software is now deeply uncool and apologies if this has been sorted since, but this behaviour has been driving me mad all morning. it appears that note state information (in both teletype-midi and teletype-synth) is saved in the pattrobject and while kslider is visually updated, all the notes besides note 0 need to be clicked before teletype ‘sees’ them again. is this maybe because the velocity values stored in keys[1] aren’t being sent to the kslider when the preset is loaded?

i simply haven’t had a chance to fix this patch as new versions of max/os/etc tend to break old projects. i have a mountain of old projects that follow me around now-- it’s not that they’re uncool, it’s simply that there are so many i can’t possibly stay quickly on top of every change that happens. this is part of why i make everything open source, so people can “own” and change things, but i know that max programming is a skill people build over time, or possibly don’t want to do at all.

i’ll try to find time to check this out.

no worries, i’ll keep hacking at the patch, just thought i’d check to see if it had been discussed elsewhere when i wasn’t paying attention.