teletype: prm and ti.prm maps with 1-off

I’m having a slightly annoying issue that I hope to get to the bottom of: the prm knob and the ti.prm 1-4 on my txi doesn’t map the same:

// param knob + all 4 knobs on txi all the way CW
PRM      // return 100 as expected
L 1 4: TI.PRM.MAP I 0 100
TI.PRM 1 // returns 101, I expected 100
L 1 4: TI.PRM.MAP I 0 1000
TI.PRM 1 // returns 1001, I expected 1000

I did a fresh calibration on both the prm and the txi.

Anyone experiencing anything like this? Or anyone has this working as I’d expect (TI.PRM returning top value of mapping at CW pos). Any ideas to try?

i just tried this out on my tt/txi, and i am not seeing the extra 1. 0 - 100 is mapping correctly for me.

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Thanks! Every piece of information is valuable at this point!

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