Teletype : restrict command names to 3 characters?

Since the ‘too many characters’ limit is quite easily reached, i was wondering, why not limit command names to 3 characters ? ‘PARAM’ or ‘SCALE’ often put me on the other side…
When you would be typing letters, it could automatically stops after 3 characters, waiting for you to hit the space bar, so we could still memorize the commands by their whole name.

I have to admit that the command names were the main reason why I decided to get a TT, as their comparatively “long” and thus “human-understandable” character made understanding TT scripts and learning the language easier to me.

Beside that I doubt that the reduction to 3 characters will work in all cases, consider
for example: if you want to keep the dot, you’d still need 5 characters to distinguish them.

Or take the Remote commands to control WW, ES and MP: these use the 3 characters alone to identify which module shall be controlled.

Or take the pattern manipulation commands & attributes and read head commands: they all start with
P. With a 3 character limit,
would be reduced to P.P. Omitting the dot would leave you with

It might just be me, but I find this rather daunting – and I don’t know if I had bought the TT with this sort of lingo.

All good points. I was just throwing the idea.

The other alternative is to add synonyms where appropriate.

I’d been wondering if the mathematical operators +, -, *, /, etc, etc could be added as counterparts for their existing functions. Still be using polish notation rather than infix notation.