Teletype Scenes

Is there a repository for Teletype Scenes
I do really well with learning a new “language” by testing and running some examples
I would love to see if i can get some unique random functions for CV and perhaps some euclidean triggers, stuff like that?

i am going to search docs but i would love some conversation on it as well



try a forum search

i believe theres a few threads like this

Although honestly I’d rather just have a section in the forum to this, having a single thread can be hard to follow


in the past i’ve thought about a dedicated code exchange to foster sharing ideas/conversation across languages (bees, teletype, max, sc, pd, js, c, etc)

there might be more interest to support something like this now but i’d go ahead and use TECH until another category exists

just make a new thread for a new scene.

teletype: this-scene

plus discussion. totally good.