Teletype Studies 7

and that does it. on to the v2 firmware.


Epic !
Good luck with v2 firmware !

Thank you for the link to the Mae shi! That is some really cool stuff

For anyone that might have trouble getting this running, I found I had to add P.L 5 to the I script.

Those of us (me, anyway) who are sometimes unable to keep up with updates in real time, and monitor the advancement of the Teletype system only sporadically, find it helpful to revisit these studies as a sort of refresher course. However, these days these studies only serve as an introduction, and there are so many more possibilities today, I wonder if it might be possible to add some more studies?
I don’t think I’d be equipped to do this (maybe later), but maybe some advanced users who have monitored the expanded possibilities might care to add some? Or even just videos, or scenes and audio, showing examples, and context, for what can be done with the post v.1 Ops, Math, etc?