Teletype Studies Part 2

it has arrived!

ps. this vid has huge bass and needs to played loud.


cool. I still find it very difficult to think in teletype language. These example vids are helpful.

I agree. My first attempt to script something on TT was easy: an ADSR envelope with four triggers, one at the end of each stage, and manipulating the length of each stage in the tracker. I felt so happy when I got it working… But since then, every time I tried an improvement to the scene, making it more complex, I utterly failed. I suppose I’m still learning through the failures. But these tutorials are great to clarify quite a few things. I only wish the videos showed the modules closer… As they are, yes, they look cool, but they might as well just be audio samples.

indeed-- my goal was just to have an audio banner really. that way the focus would be on the text!

glad these are helping-- we’re still just barely getting the basics. the next part will talk about the language itself and really open up TT’s amazing possibilities.

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Just got my teletype and im totally buzzing with this module, I love having something new to learn. Still having loads of fun playing around with the jumpy edges scene from the first tutorial. Going to try out part 2 later thins evening i really appreciate these tutorials, thanks a lot!

i absolutely love the way you write your studies. Thanks.

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so good to hear! 8 more to come. really, TT can do that much.

When I try holding Win and pressing 1 to trigger script 1 I get nothing. I do not have anything plugged into the inputs as I understand from the Study that I don’t need anything plugged in besides my gate and CV outs. At this point in the Study I can’t discover what I’m missing.

the studies are a bit out of date, you don’t need to hold WIN anymore, just press F1-F10 to trigger the corresponding script

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Just answered my own question, the reason Win+1 doesn’t work is because the shortcut is FN+J or FN+K etc…

Or as I’m reading from @rdfm we can also use the Function keys.

Do you know the hotkeys for executing the M and I scripts? They used to be Win+M and Win+I, but they too are not seeming to be active anymore.

F9 for M and F10 for I :metal:t2:


I’m reading through these studies to try and get a better understanding of Teletype after seeing how amazing Just Type is. Reading through this one, I had a quick question regarding the N helper. Early in this study the range of 0-10V is specified, but with the N helper, values of 0-127 are accepted. Wouldn’t the value of 127 result in 10.583V?

Hi all, just got my teletype and am having tons of fun working through the studies! I’m hoping to get an explanation about the SET aspect of the study. Here’s what I have entered so far:

CV.SLEW 1000

CV 1 N 0

CV.SET 1 N 7

CV.OFF 1 0

CV.OFF 1 N 5

Here’s what I’m experiencing that’s causing confusion: If I press F1, the note slews to its new value. If I then press F2, it jumps immediately to its new value. If I press F3 or F4, the note slews as expected. Once the slew from F3/F4 is finished though, F2 becomes unresponsive. If I press F2 mid-slew to F3/F4 though it jumps to the expected F2 note. (geez I hope this makes sense…)

Is this behaving as expected, and if so, could someone offer an explanation? Thank you!

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Oh damn! I think I figured it out. I wasn’t understanding how the offsets were working. They’re not “new” notes when I press F3/4, but adjustments to the notes that are already there, hence the “unresponsive” button. I was focused on the SET aspect because it was the newest thing in the scene and when I should have been thinking more about the OFF.

Anyways, thank you for reading. In lieu of explanations I will now accept words of encouragement and compliments.


Just a heads up that Here’s a better explanation from the part 2 doc is now a broken link (the video is unavailable).

Copyright claim by channel 4 :sob: