Teletype Talk

It’s my impression from reading other topics that there is room to supplement the already excellent Teletype documentation with some video tutorials. Teletype Talk is my attempt to help fill that niche. My plan is to continue making some more of these videos, assuming people find them helpful. The intention here is to help bridge the gap between the studies and documentation and creating one’s own scripts and scenes, for those who feel a disconnect.

To that end, I’d appreciate any constructive feedback on how to improve them, with the understanding that I probably won’t have bandwidth to edit and polish these to the extent that I’d like to. They will be very conversational-style, shoot-in-one-take type talks - “uhs” and awkward pauses included.

Feel free to post any questions or feedback about the video(s) here. For more general Teletype questions, you should probably use the Teletype workflow, basics, and questions thread.

Here is a link to the playlist:

Final Scenes from each Episode
Rhythm Machine (Episode 1).txt (1.2 KB)
4 Patterns 1 Voice (Episode 2).txt (1.1 KB)
4 Patterns 1 Voice Drums (Episode 3).txt (1.6 KB)
Episode (3.4 KB)
Teletype Talk Episode (384.5 KB)
Episode (484 Bytes)


Awesome! Thanks for putting this together. I confess I haven’t watched the whole video yet, but one navigation screen I find myself using a lot is the help mode screen (toggle with alt-h or alt-shift-?) which has a fairly complete, if terse, reference of all ops, mods, and keys. Unfortunately I think there may be some glitches in help mode in the 3.1 release, I should post a new beta which includes a fix for that + simple help search. (edit: get the beta here)


If I ever knew that was there, I had forgotten! I’ll be sure to check it out and feature it in the next episode. Thanks!

Looking forward to these, thanks for putting them together.

new teletype user here, doing the studies slowly and reading the manual also very slowly… so I’m very exited with this :blush: thanks for taking the time to do it!!! :clap: :raised_hands: :pray:

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amazing. awesome. thank you. thank you.

Great work! Really fills in a lot of the holes that have to be divined from the studies. Thanks so much for putting your valuable time and effort into this!


Wow! Thank you so much for this.
I have been “learning” teletype for the past few weeks, i really felt i was back in college.
I went over the studies, made a resume, printed some resumes of each chapter, but its taking a while to absorb it.
This is going to help a lot!
Much appreciated :grinning:


this is better than anything I dared hope for! learned so many things that seem like they should be obvious or I probably may have read before but didn’t stick, so thank you very much!

love the conversational style, you explain things very clearly and at a good pace here. Don’t think there’s any need to make any more work for yourself—this, or whatever’s easiest, and thank you again so much for your hard work and taking the time.


joe thank you - this is quite helpful and has lifted some of the confusion i had been experiencing with the tt. also the cheat sheet seems crucial. it’s about time someone made a video like this. thanks again for all your time and effort getting us wondering souls into the know✨

Thanks so much for putting all the time into doing this Joe!

I just finished watching the whole video and this was definitely helpful. The documentation covers the syntax pretty well, but your video helped me see some useful common workflows that just don’t come through in the documentation.

I had forgotten about pressing ~ to get to the variables view. I had been using the patterns view as a logging console, but the pattern syntax and the patterns view has so much information that I was getting quickly overloaded before I was able to get much done. Even this small thing will make a huge difference in helping me get up to speed.

If there was a way for me to like this video and post more than once I would!


Thanks for the warm reception of Episode One! I really appreciate everyone taking the time to hit the like button and leave comments. It makes me feel like the time making the video was really well spent, since it seems to be making the impact I had hoped for.

I won’t be able to maintain a daily pace for sure, but it was kind of a low key weekend here, and given great response from you all, here is Episode Two to keep the momentum going. Hopefully it’s as helpful as the first.


Late night sleep…watching!
Cheers! :slight_smile:

I thought I knew how to use Teletype but I never thought I could use the CV outputs as trigger outputs :smiley: I’ve learned that in the first video. Hopefully it will become a long series. Thank you very much for taking the time to produce these videos ! :pray:t2::pray:t2::pray:t2:


It never occurred to me before I made the video either! Not sure what prompted the idea, but as you keep working with the scripts, things just pop into your head. If you’re lucky, you even get them to work sometimes! :slight_smile:


wow, thanks so much for doing this :pray:t4::pray:t4::pray:t4: finally got time to continue my teletype studies, this will be a great addition!

Thanks for doing this! I was intimidated to get back to my teletype after a long break, this is the perfect intro. :ok_hand:

:open_mouth: I’ve really enjoyed episode one :ok_hand: can’t wait to watch this new one! :pray: :raised_hands: :clap:

fantastic work, thank you!

Thanks a lot! I just watched the first episode and it was a very valuable addition to the studies (which I just finished a couple days ago). The pace and level of complexity was just perfect to code along on my Teletype while watching. Especially tricks and techniques like the (inverse) BPM calculations or using CV outs for triggers are really helpful.

Looking forward to watching the second episode tomorrow :slightly_smiling_face: