Teletype : trigger actions with the keyboard?

it would be nice for live use if there were a keyboard mode where you could define actions triggered by the keyboard.
simple example : “+” would add 12 to a note value.

you can trigger a script from the keyboard.

windows + number triggers the script, hence win-1 is the same as receiving an trigger input on channel 1.

you can do win-i for init and win-m for metro as well.

in a live use, i can think that a single button action would be better but that’s nice.

for one-hit actions, i’m a huge fan of using the Walk. this way you have a large single-purpose trigger, and you can use your foot if you want.

hunting for a “trigger” inside a keyboard seems a bit distracting in general.

fair enough. Pressure Points and Doepfer Manual Gate will be my friends for now.