Teletype>Trilogy problems

Hey Guys, As I first started to experiment with controlling the trilogy modules via Teletype, I swear all of the commands were working correctly. Now I’m getting inconsistent or no response from some of them.

I double-checked the header connections. WW doesn’t seem to respond at all now. MP will respond to some commands, but intermittently. ES is probably the most on point, but I notice that some of the commands don’t work correctly when you are in clock mode.

Is anyone else experiencing this sort of behavior? Was there another firmware update that I missed? Or could something else be interfering with the communication?

[I have the Monome modules all in a Pittsburgh Cell48, along with a Switch and the Grayscale Synapse. Makenoise 5v adaptor on the same power channel as the trilogy modules, but obviously the Gird is being powered via the Switch.]


how are the commands being issued? ie, as a cluster (multiple II commands at once) or just one at a time? is there a reproducible failure you can find?

have you tried disconnecting one or more of the modules from the II chain to confirm they work individually?

I have tried putting the commands into both a triggered script page, or in the live page. A command like:

II WW.POS 3 on the live command page doesn’t yield a result. Although previously it did.

MP is working ok, except I must not understand how to implement Sync correctly.

ES: actually the only command that doesn’t work is II ES.MAGIC, when you are in clock mode. When in normal mode, magic command works ok.

SO…seems like something is totally lost with WW, MP is working ok (and I just don’t understand sync yet), and on the ES, Magic doesn’t work when in clock mode (once you switch out of clock mode, if you had initiated double speed, the pattern will speed up with you switch out of clock mode).

I haven’t tried disconnecting various modules to see if things changed with just one at a time hooked up. I’ll try that next, with the White Whale.

Might be as simple as a cold solder joint or intermittent connection on the ribbon cable? Maybe check the soldering on WW, and try switching to the 2nd row of holes on the ribbon connector just in case?

This is truly shooting in the dark though.

this is what i was going to suggest. reheat the joints just in case.

Thanks, guys, I’ll give that a shot. Hadn’t considered that, as it was working initially, but certainly a possibility.

As an update, I had my tech check on the solder joints. We reheated them. They all look good. I disconnected the other modules and only had the White Whale connected to the Teletype, and I tried all combinations of the different connection points on the cable.

Still no communication between the WW and Teletype. Hmmm…

Earthsea and Meadowphysics still working great. Maybe I’ll zap the WW with that updater again (?).

This is interesting to read.
I empathize with you about the troubles.

The interesting part is that I have problems that are almost inverse of yours: WW is the only Trilogy module that works well in terms of communication with TT via II commands. MP and ES do not. Issuing II commands with these two modules connected crashes my TT immediately.

In your use, did you experience TT crashes/freezes?

I had seen mention of ES and MP crashing Teletype. I’ve only had one instance of the Teletype needing to be restarted, and I believe it was unrelated to any II commands.

today i’m trying really hard to crash these things. have a few theories for you to try. hold tight.



i’d try re-flashing the WW. if it remains busted (is everything else working on the WW?) i’d have you send it in.

I’m traveling for a couple of days, but I’ll re-flash on Thursday and report back. Thanks for staying on it.

It’s me again! So, since updating to Teletype 1.11, my II commands have become sketchy. WW doesn’t respond to any commands. MP responds to preset changes, but that’s it. ES appears to respond to all commands correctly.

I’ve triple checked the connections and I previously had them all working. Any suggestions? I think I’ll try flashing the WW and MP.


I found when installing the trilogy alongside TT, the pins very easily fall out of the header…
Had WW not working for many weeks and thought it was my bad soldering, then when having time to fix, I figured that the cable just pulled the pins out of the header…

I know it’s a super obvious thing to check and I might come along as stupid, but I just wanted to leave my experience here.

In your case, weird that parts of the syntax work though!

Yea, those pins are tricky to get right, aren’t they! I’m ‘pretty’ sure that I got them to stay in, but since I’m getting nothing from the WW, probably worth another look.

The newsletter said new teletypes should be around now and I wondered if a teletype firmware without the II remote bug will be under the cristmess tree too?

This would be so nice, dear Santa…


do you mean the dropped ii packets?

i’m still working on this. new TT modules ship with same 1.2 firmware.

Yes, that’s what I was hoping for…