Teletype usb loading?

hey all
i read everything i could find about loading scenes from usb, and can’t find anything about just loading teletype scenes. i stick the usb drive in, and it just backs up automatically as expected.

is there a load presets/scene mode? i can’t find anything in the manual or threads here.


Take a look at the scripts which were backed up. See how they are named “tt##s.txt”? If you place a script text file WITHOUT the “s” it will write to that slot after all slots are backed up. So if you find a script you like and name it “tt03.txt” then it will end up overwriting your script 3 slot (after the existing script 3 is backed up to “tt03s.txt”). All scripts should be placed in the root directory of your USB drive (aka not in a folder).

One thing to keep in mind is that the Teletype scripts need certain “end of line” characters for line breaks. I recommend downloading Notepad++ and using it’s “view all symbols” mode to look at a script you’ve backed up. This should give you a sense of which characters you’ll need to use when writing / copying scripts on PC. Pressing “enter” for normal line breaks won’t work if you are using a text editor to make script files! I think this will be fixed in the next firmware release to make Teletype more tolerant of various standard EOL characters.

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ok i really appreciate it!!!