Teletype USB Scene Backup

:edit: renamed thread to be a more general TT usb backup discussion

i tried my first TT scene backup to USB last night, without any luck. i’m guessing TT doesn’t like my generic novelty swiss army knife brand thumb drive. can folks share drives they’ve confirmed to be working (preferably with TT v1.1)?



bunch listed in this thread:

i’m planning to revise the USB read/write method-- basically do a read/write any time the drive is inserted, with a minimal interface. this will also mean TT will boot up much faster-- because it’s pretty much just waiting around doing nothing.


thanks for the link. just ordered a sandisk.

new usb read/write interface sounds great!

New event handlers for MSC? e.g. kEventMSCConnect and kEventMSCDisconnect

exactly. just looked at the code for sensible ways to “pause” TT execution while this is happening. pretty much stop the metro and mute the trigger inputs.

Or disconnect some of the event handlers and suspend some of the timers if you want to go lower level.

Definitely a good idea though, it would make it a lot easier to use memory sticks in other firmwares.

:edit: renamed thread to be a more general TT usb backup discussion

after updating to TT v1.2 usb scene backup is working for me

nice nice nice. can’t wait to update my TT!!