Teletype v1.1 Issue with USB flash drive scene read/write

I’m able to save/load. I’m not having issues loading odd scenes (1, 3, 5, 7). However, I copied a downloaded preset (The Turing Machine scene from the share thread) and copied the contents to both tt09.txt and tt10.txt. tt09 loaded fine, while tt10 loaded as a blank scene.

Actually, after a few more tests, the reading problem with my TT doesn’t seem to be with odd numbered scenes, as I initially thought. I downloaded a new copy of the eight scenes that come with TT, and made a copy of scenes 1, 3, 5 and 7 to scenes 8 to 15, each scene copied twice, to an odd and even numbered scene. I also added the Turin Machine scene to scenes 16 and 17, to see what would happen with an scene that didn’t come directly from monome. Using two different USB memory sticks, different manufacturer, I get exactly the same behaviour from TT: No problem writing, but fails to read scenes 1, 3, 5, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 13, 15. Very strange.

I’ve tried a number of USB drives, and now recently a old 32MB drive. I’ve recently switched from a 4ms row power 30, to a big case with a number of Tiptop Audio Zeus Studio buses. Finally got it to work! . Not sure whether it was the smaller drive (previous ones were 8GB), or the change in power.

have the delays been introduced in TT updates since 1.1? just tried my first usb back up, but no luck. drive is fat32, 8gb.

Can someone tell me how loading works? I did the process and I get a reading and writing screen. Then it boots. Went I went to reinstall it did the same thing but nothing was loaded. Is it just writing my blank teletype in a loop now. Can you choose between loading and writing?

Hello… is it me your looking for…

insert usb disk and then power-on.

scenes 0-31 will be written to tt??s.txt (?? = 00-31)

and then any files labeled tt??.txt will be read.

so, if you saved your scenes, and want to reload one of them-- put the disk in your computer, remove the s in the filename and do the process again-- it will be read into teletype.

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Awesome. That’s the magic step I was missing.

I did an update to 1.21 tonight and I can’t load the default 1.0 presets.
When I power with the USB (FAT-32 formatted and the default tt??.txt files) nothing special happens. It just starts as normal.
No files ending with ‘s’ get written to it either.

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I’m having trouble with this again. I can’t seem to get 1.4.0/1.4.1 to read/write.

From what I can tell, it seems that Teletype is booting faster than it did when using the “delay” firmwares which worked for me. Am I imagining things? Is it possible that it’s failing now that I have more i2c devices connected somehow?

this is possible, yes.

the usb import/export needs to be rewritten in general, to do the operation whenever a usb disk is detected, hence avoid this whole startup wait thing. let me see if this might be something i can flip quickly


Hi, any news on when to expect a new TT version with working USB read/write?

Potentially stupid non-coder question: Does it have to automatically detect USB stick insertion? Would it be easier on the coding side to let the user tell TT when a stick has been inserted – e.g. by typing in e.g. “USB” in Live mode after USB stick insertion (which would then trigger the read/write routine)?

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not possible to type something with stick inserted :slight_smile:

but long button press would be an intuitive option…

it’s more of a code structure issue-- it was easy to hack in a startup routine to detect for a usb disk. having a persistent detection and a modal switch isn’t difficult, it’s just a bigger job than a task that can be wedged between other rapid tasks.

i’ll make sure this gets taken care of soon, but “soon” is unfortunately weighed against all of the other feature requests and needs, ah.

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I don’t know how you juggle it all.

Thanks much for the answer, good luck with all the task…and thanks so much for doing all this!

Oh, does that mean it is not possible to save/load before updating teletype at the moment?

I just realised there have been some updates since 1.1, but I’m too afraid to mess up things with my TT. For me, it’s not a big deal for now, since Ansible doesn’t seem to be available in Europe. I would like to try Just Type, though, but if that means I would be back to no being able to export/import scripts, I prefer to stay on 1.1.

1.1 can export scripts. you may need to try a few different flash drives.

also just type is pretty unstable presently, but @Galapagoose will soon have a v1.0 ready soon

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