Teletype v1.1

it may be my lack of musical knowledge, but how does the JI OP work?

(having a lot of fun with STATE btw)

@galapagoose requested JI and i coded it blind, i have a sense of its use, but perhaps he can fully elaborate

and yes, @trickyflemming i do need to add some debug output to the USB methods to help everyone having issues-- specifically because i haven’t been able to replicate the issue

I have also tried a cheap card reader, with a SD card formatted as FAT32, and it still doesn’t work. I’m giving up (again). Maybe Compact Flash are supposed to work, and SD not? This is very strange. But right now I can’t be bothered buying another adapter for a CF card, just to find out it doesn’t work either.

I wonder if changing the ‘allocation unit size’, when formating the memory card as FAT32, will make any difference. But without a PC at home, it’s going to take me a while to go through all the different sizes available, to see if that makes any difference to Teletype.

Has anyone else had the II commands stop working after updating to 1.1?

I have had some issues with MP II commands.
Also, noticed some broader problems with II commands with my BETA install of TT1.1 most of which went away when i installed the current version of TT1.1

I’m going to make sure I don’t have the beta of 1.1 installed…thanks.

Holy f@ck! Teletype plus p.mode and some rand reset action is such a party.

I need some information about the SCRIPT command priority. If i write something like that:


will TT jump to SCRIPT 2 and then jump back to SCRIPT 1 to finish the script (so TR.PULSE 1)? And will it still go to SCRIPT 2 then 3 then 4… after that :sweat: ?

Second question, what will happen if i do that:

L 0 9 : SCRIPT 2

Will TT execute SCRIPT 2 x10 and come back to SCRIPT 1 to trigger pulse or will it continue to SCRIPT 3 - 4 … x 10 and come back to SCRIPT 1 to TR.PULSE 1 ???

I think that’s right.

Are they all being triggered simultaneously? What’s telling them to go? (Sorry if I’m muddying the waters but I’d only expect TT to run 2, 3, 4,… if told to do so via a trigger in or a SCRIPT command but I thikn I’m missing something in your question!)

Related to scripts, playing with the latest bits (admittedly not on the device but still…) and I’d expect SCRIPT I and SCRIPT M to work but they don’t seem to. Should they?

those are not implemented. I and M would need to be special keywords in the programming language, and they are both taken with other functions. i’ve considered adding INIT which would be the same as SCRIPT (init) but manual metro seems unneeded, especially once the AT features are added.

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Ah, thanks @tehn! I’m often wanting more scripts so I like the idea of repurposing where possible. Semantically manually triggering INIT makes sense in some patches too as a kind of “home” or “reset”. I see what you mean about METRO though. That said, many of my scenes don’t use metro at all so in the best case the METRO slot would be up for grabs too. FWIW, I half expected SCRIPT 9 and SCRIPT 10 to “just work” as those indexes would correspond to METRO_SCRIPT and INIT_SCRIPT in main.c respectively. Maybe, as an easter egg they could?