Teletype v2 proposals



ctrl-x is not taken right now iirc, could use that perhaps?


Yes it is. The cut, copy and paste keystrokes are mirrored on ctrl (I think you request that feature).

Current keystrokes are here.


d’oh! i forgot i did. if it makes more sense to use ctrl-* for copypasting scripts let’s do that instead!


plus one for alt+shift and ctrl+shift

seems easy to remember


Personally having different behaviors for alt-* and ctrl-* feels confusing and dangerous. You could very easily hit the wrong paste command and end up overwriting a whole script instead of just one line, and I don’t believe there would be any way to undo it (especially when switching back and forth between an actual computer). IMO a 3-key command feels like a natural extension of normal copying/pasting


Avoidance of accidental destructive actions that can’t be undone is much appreciated!


i’m not running the latest version of teletype (1.3.2), so forgive me if this has been discussed and/or remedied. i checked github and did a lines search and didn’t see it mentioned.

when i use the SCENE command to load a scene it appears as though the initialization script is ignored. i just did a test:

X 100

saved that to scene slot 30

opened a new, empty scene. in live mode i reset X to zero. then i ran the command SCENE 30

checked X - still zero


Has the AT been implemented?

I am re-introducing the question for an Uzi-like behavior:


Command that sends a sequence of triggers defined by 3 parameters: output number, number of triggers to be sent out, and the time interval between the sent out triggers. So, something like this:

TRS 1 8 250

would output a series of 8 triggers, 250 milliseconds apart, on trigger output 1.
(TRS standing for TR-igger S-eries)

OR perhaps this can be a Telex command? @bpcmusic
What you guys think?


Beat you to it, @laborcamp. You can use the independent metronomes and the count operator to achive this. :slight_smile:

Set up a TR output like this:

TO.TR.M 1 250

Now - each time you do the following:


You get 8 triggers pulsing at the output, 250ms apart.

:slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


A TXo does this already:


Will give you y pulses on trigger output x every time you call:


Use TO.TR.M.BPM x y etc to set the speed.

Edit: @bpcmusic is always a step ahead. :slight_smile:


Are there still plans floating around to do this by anyone? Or has it even been implemented yet? The possibilities it would open up seem insane to me. :dizzy_face:


as someone who bought the teletype literally last night, this thread title scared me.


this thread started in feb 2016 :slight_smile:

i still think that MIDI is an interesting idea but it’s going to require a dedicated volunteer to get implemented at this point.


i did see that, but not right away. i was all AWW NO I DIDN’T hahahaha.

but i must say, i’m pretty stoked to be back with the monome stuff! feels great, i really missed this community.


I’ve been thinking about this a lot recently.

The idea of being able to control external synths and or drum machines with the monome ecosystem is just incredible. It would start to be able to influence not just the modular, but the rest of the studio too. Especially if it could do so on different MIDI channels - then just a TT paired with a multitimbral synth would be a very powerful music making device.

I hadn’t brought it up because there is already so much amazingly generous development by the community here and I have nothing to offer in terms of technical know-how. But if someone is interested to make this happen, I’d do my best to support with beta-testing, encouragement and eternal thanks :smiley:


I have an op proposal.


Toggles between making CV N the value of A and B upon each trigger. It is equivalent to a 2 length pattern on 0 and the command CV N PN.NEXT 0. CV.SLEW and CV.OFF should work normally.

One benefit would be very quickly coded, scaled unipolar LFOs. Also keep vars/patterns open for more complicated things.

Ideas that implement this in quick/tricky ways with existing ops are appreciated too!


does the same thing.


Or this:



starting with 2.3 you can also use ternary if: CV N ? FLIP A B


Thank y’all so much for the suggestions!