Teletype v2 proposals


Sorry if I’ve missed this in another discussion I haven’t as much time as I’d like to lately. I just wanted to check if this idea introduced by Tehn; TIMELINES has gotten any traction or seen as viable?



This has not been implemented currently. It continues to get mentions in the development threads as a future push (perhaps v3).

edit: This has sounded really sweet to me ever since they mentioned it, as it would allow a lot of deeper features. But it’s obviously a rather complex initiative and there seem to be some other development priorities (as well as other amazing features that keep getting added in the meantime!)



Timeline or even just a longer init script would be :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

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It would be cool but I’m very grateful for all the incredible work that has been done already!



I love the limitations of lines, lengths, scripts, and the functional thinking Teletype enforces. My only wish would be to have a bit more flexibility connecting the pieces. For example, would love the ability to programmatically read/write pattern data between scenes, something like:

// return the value of cell 2 on pattern 0 scene 1
SCENE.PN 1 0 2

// set the value of cell 2 on pattern 0 scene 1 to be 3
SCENE.PN 1 0 2 3

Was thinking of something like a utility reader/writer scene that could capture, modify, and write pattern data for other scenes to consume.

Another request, how about an optional argument to scripts? R defaults to 0, but you could pass it to SCRIPT:

// Script 1, complicated code to derive some fleeting value, in our case 3

// Script 2, output R volts, by default 0, in this case 3
CV 1 V R

I understand you can use variables to accomplish this exact task, but I’ve been relying on variables more as dynamic configuration values or within the scope of a single script, and doing it this way would remove the complexity of tracking what variable is being used where/how.

PS. Apologies if I’ve missed discussions about these ideas elsewhere, or its already possible and I’m not seeing it (yet).



This may be something that the Timeline feature would handle?

Teletype v2 proposals

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Related to arguments, but maybe less in the spirit of the device, how about RETURN:

// Script 1, more complicated code, more fleeting values, this time.... 4

// Script 2
CV 1 V SCRIPT 1  // 4 volts!

// with arguments

// Script 3
CV 1 V R

// Script 4
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Oh true! Can think of it as one big memory bank we can freely read/write to. Store commands that set certain scales, oh man, so fun!

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