Teletype vs Ansible


This is actually maybe a misleading name for topic as I’m not really interested in comparing the two per se, but I want to know just how complex the Teletype-module is, and to find out if it’s something for me. I’ve seen the teletype studies videos by @tehn and trying to read up. Is there easily “ready made” patches for these? I have absolutely no experience with coding. I’m afraid I will spend to much time trying to code simple things, and then less time playing music. Can you run Kria, Meadowphysics and those patches on the Teletype?

Here’s the thing: I very recently ordered Ansible through my retailer, but I know that one is currently out of stock and that it won’t be shipped out in up to 3 months. Ansible just resonated with me. But since the two modules got the same amount of TR and CV out, I came to wonder if there’s a easy way to run the same software on the Teletype? Maybe the computer keyboard and all the coding stuff just scared me off. Not that I’m scared of computers of anything (duh), but I like my modules to be as instant as possible, yet complex, so to have the possibility to just “plug and play”.

I would kind of like someone to convince me that Teletype is the ultimate, so that I can rearrange my order, get that one instead (or at least first) and not have to wait for three months. Hehehe.

I’m sorrrry if this is boring…

Have a nice weekend!

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There are some “scenes” folks have made using the grid-supported version of Teletype (that is still under development), and while some of them do resemble the Kria/Meadowphysics experience in some ways, they aren’t a 1:1 match. If you want a plug-and-play experience of a full-featured grid app, you will almost certainly prefer Ansible.

But Teletype needn’t be a complex programming experience. Just being able to do any simple thing with voltage you might want to do in a line or two of very brief code comes in handy with great frequency.

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Thanks @jasonw22!

Maybe I just have to wait. I’m sure the coding and programming can be quite fun, though. I’m constantly re-watching the studies videos. I’m also sure the two (Ansible and Teletype) is a great companionship. If only I had the funds.

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I’m in this same position. Selling some gear to free up space/funds. Grid and ansible speaks to me for the tactile factor. But I’m increasingly being drawn towards trackers (lsdj/sunvox). Am I correct in thinking teletype has a tracker mode/scene?

hey @Plym would you e-mail and let me know who presold you an ansible? i didn’t promise any delivery dates on a new batch, and didn’t authorize any presales as such. thanks!

Hi! Yeah, I’ll let you know in an email. Just to be clear and for the record I have not paid anything, just placed an order. The retailer then told me that the module isn’t availble and that it would take up to three months.

Would you by chance know of any retailers that still has it in stock?

I’ll send you an email.

if you’re in Europe, Escape From Noise have stock.

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If you are in the US, it seems that Perfect Circuit has some stock.

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Nice! Thanks! I should have checked EFN! The downside is that I have to pay extra taxes when ordering from outside the country.

I bought an Ansible from ETN yesterday! :slight_smile:

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