Teletype vs Any Other Sequencer opinions

Trying to talk myself into a TT for main sequencing duties.

Have WW, a 128, ES-3 and Mutable Instruments Grids.

Leaning towards a Metropolis beacause sliders, and lack of infinite wisdom.

Read some TT studies and it all looks fun but I’m not sure how I’ll script together anything like a Metropolis, Verbos or René sequencer.

I’d be happy to hear more thoughts on TT in the context of modular sequencing and what it adds to your songwriting, perhaps compared to ither sequencers.

re-creating a metropolis, verbos, or rene is very easy with TT. however, those sequencers are all designed with exposed hardware controls-- you’re never going to have immediate hands-on control of slider steps like on the verbos, for example.

but what you do have, with TT, is completely new and weird ways of thinking about sequences in general. on the latest TT study 7 i made a sequencer that self-mutates, transposes via external triggers, and re-calculates itself back to a starting sequence.

or, if you like the idea of writing sequences in a sort of tracker environment and storing many of them to memory, TT is great for this also (verbos etc not so much.) TT cuts up sequences, loops, etc-- basically you need to decide what you want it to do. and learning the TT script will require a bit of time, but honestly with the studies series it is quite straightforward.

so i’d say both are good-- traditional sequencers, and this new TT paradigm. you’ll likely want both. don’t forget the AD sequencer 1, also, which i haven’t tried.


Fascinating stuff.

Not sure if this makes a lot of sense for a follow up question but how do you divide your time typing/coding vs patching/wiggling to produce a response from the current TT scene? Is it a common scenario to just load a scene on the TT on power up and perform off it?

That Klee sequencer build though… Seeing one for sale for $750 I thinkg over on muffs.

changing the code is just part of manipulating the instrument-- just like changing patch cables (but typically much less interruptive.)

yes you could definitely have a TT scene you just reuse to do certain things. scenes save to flash and power-up immediately.