Teletype workflow, basics, and questions

Id be up for this. I know having fewer scripts sprouts creativity but also fustration some times.
What do you mean by apply my patch? How do i do that?
I have a few teletypes and i have one thats is normally used for sequencing and another for sound generation \ lfo …i always run out of space when scaling params or faders from txi or faderbank.
Cheers and thanks for sharing!

This is under linux, if you run mac or windows you’ll have to figure out how to do similar things, others here might be able to help:

git clone --recursive --config core.autocrlf=input
git clone
cd teletype/
patch -p0 < ../eurorack_firmware_patches/teletype_16_scripts_24_scenes.diff 
docker run --rm -it -v/home/atte/downloads/test/teletype:/target dewb/monome-build bash

At this point type make (+return), after the build finishes type exit (+return). Your firmware will be in teletype/module/teletype.hex

Thanks for your repky @a773 :slight_smile:
Would this commands work on mac terminal?
They look like it could , apologies the only make compiling i have done has been under mutable instruments vagrant.
Ill give it a go :slight_smile:

visually at least it looks like everything should run in a Mac terminal assuming you have docker.

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Thanks for the head ups @alanza , nope never used docker before. But i guess its time to learn, cheers!

Edited: spoke too soon, seems to only work on mojave or catalina :frowning:

Linking an issue here @MeguAzu is having. I tested this on my Teletype and got the same issue. The values seem to fluctuate with from the 4MS SMR only through the Teletype. Anyone have ay ideas?

I’m losing my mind over here trying to figure out whether my Teletype’s BPM calculations are off, or if it’s my OP-Z to blame. Either way, when I set both to, say, 80 BPM, they fairly quickly drift out of sync.

Am I missing something here about how the Teletype calculates BPM? I there a “resolution” of this calculation that I need to configure? Help!

Teletype doesn’t do decimal numbers (in my understanding). BPM just did this:

60,000 / [BPM]

Depending on the value, you could get a decimal value. TT will ignore the decimal. Example:

87 BPM = 689.65517....

TT will just set at 689 ms. (I could be wrong and maybe it rounds instead of just dropping the remainder for BPM, although I’m certain the standard division just drops the remainder – not at the synth rn)

TT is a great leading clock, but I’d advise using a dedicated clock module (or setting temp at TT first and syncing your other gear to it manually), due to the ms limitation. It’s not really a resolution issue (ms increments are actually “higher resolution” than BPM), but more of a ‘unit conversion’ issue.


Thank you, this is incredibly helpful! And it explains why I can get my TT and OP-Z to sync at 120 BPM (500 ms) but not at 90 bpm (666.666… ms). I was, I kid you not, sitting there switching from M 333 and M 334, trying desperately to imagine everything staying on time.

Until I can justify shelling out for the OP-Z expander, I guess I’ll just compose music in whole-number millisecond BPMs. It’s kind of a novel constraint, actually.

Thank you again!

Which BPM are, for those interested, 160 (375 ms), 150 (400 ms), 125 (480 ms), 120 (500 ms), 100 (600 ms), 96 (625 ms), as well as the multiples of these — i.e. 60 (1000 ms), 80 (750 ms) and so forth.


How do you connect the teletype and the op-z?

As of now, they’re just sharing a mixer :slight_smile: I was hoping that if they were BPM-matched I could just manually synchronize them on the go by pressing play on the OP-Z at the correct time! A crude fix but should work, at least in theory…

Ok, I see.

If you have, or have access to, a midi to cv interface (like cv.ocd) I would suggest you take a trigger and drive the TT from that in one of the triggers (and using say $ 1 over M).

But it seems that might not be the case…

I do have a MIDI to CV converter, but no expander for the OP-Z — so I’d have to clock the OP-Z from a computer, which would be also sending a MIDI clock through the converter into the Teletype. Doable but very complex!

Alternatively I could settle for mono sound with the OP-Z and hard pan right a click track, then use an envelope follower to generate a trigger for the TT.

This is all very batty and would be solved by me getting the OP-Z MIDI and CV expander, but at $200 I’m hesitant — it’s absurd that it doesn’t come with that functionality built in, especially as it’s marketed as a sequencer.

speaking of tempos, apologies for this very basic question, but is there a good way to make a continuously variable clock with tt?

in my instrumental music i like time to be free flowing… i’d love to get some less than predictable clocks for a similar feeling!

Ok, agree $200 is a bit steep. Bummer.

On the idea of hard panning for mono out + click, I would imagine you could use that click directly to drive the tt, without the need of extra stuff in between. Might have to experiment with which sample to use, a short pulse of 10ms and max gain would be my first suggestion…

I assume you’re driving your tt from The metro script. Did you try simply randomizing M inside the metro script?

Ah yes that’s very smart! Could possibly just sample a trigger from elsewhere in my system and use that? Thank you for all of the insight!

is there a way to keep running that random number generation? is it as easy as using “every[…]?”

it would be nice to get new speeds every x ticks.

Yeah sampling a trigger might work just fine. If it doesn’t work, or works unreliably, I’d take it to a computer and crank the volume up!

I made a 10ms pulse sample in renoise that you could try (it seems you have to right-click and save-as):