Teletype workflow, basics, and questions

I’m currently trying to use my teletype as a kind of glitch effect kind of thing, a different effect per script. Script 1 sync’s the Metro to the Beatstep Pro clock.

I am trying to make it so that triggering script 2 will toggle a script that divides the speed of M by 2, then goes back to normal if I were to press it again. I also want the speed of M to change constantly in relation to the BSP clock even while script 2 is active and the speed of M is cut in half.

I’ve got to the point where everything works except the speed of M doesn’t change while script 2 is active.

Any advice?


Not sure exactly what you want to do, and if I can help, but the seeing your scene would make it much easier for us to provide quality advice…

Is there a way to get current cv values from ansible when in midi mode?
Use case: midi controller > ansible> teletype>justfriends
trying to use midi notes into ansible (monophonic midi mode) to control pitch via justtype
a triggered script like:
JF.VOX 1 MID.CV 1 v 3

Or, Is it possible to get the cv values of ansible without using specific program ops?
something general like?

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I have a quick question, Is there a way to reset EVERY commands so that their counts begin again from 0?

or if you want them all to fire immediately on next call


I have been using my teletype to ‘follow gates’. Scripts that look like the following:

W STATE 1: TR 1 1
TR 1 0

Work for the most part, but in some instances with long gates it will go to zero while the state is still 1. Is there a built in WHILE timeout or max iteration? If there is, can it be configurable?

I have run this with a single trigger input and no other scripted events occurring (no M or I, or other trigs pre-empting the W loop).

I am on the 3.0+ beta E27F640. I recently updated from 3.0 because my scenes kept getting deleted. I’m not positive if this behavior occurred earlier.

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Thank you so much for the explanation! I often use SYNC 0 to get things back in alignment but it usually creates a lull in the timing or it doesn’t always work exactly. I will try SYNC -1. Thanks so much!

It’s unfortunately very easy to create race conditions when dealing with sync or reset type functions on TT. Micro delays are your friend :sweat_smile:

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So, I have a TT enroute, and reading this thread is completely overwhelming and terrifying, and exciting. What am I getting myself into?!


the studies are excellent and remain not terrifying! but of course we’re here for you :smiley:


Are the studies updated to utilize the changes from the firmware updates? (Early in the thread it it sounds like they were sort of out of date)

my understanding is they’re a little out of date. I think mostly in small changes to syntax; (the biggest one is the removal of II, which doesn’t come up till later on in the studies) overall most things should still run, and if not we can definitely help clear up any resulting confusion.

That leaves a lot of the power of Teletype unexplored, but after doing the studies, the manual and lines discussions should make more sense


Reading this thread without one is like watching a foreign film without subtitles. :dizzy_face:


or like reading subtitles without watching the film :slight_smile:


ha! actually, both aren’t very good analogies… In either of those scenarios you’d probably glean at least SOME understanding. More like reading a book in a language you can’t read or speak.

teletype will definitely click better when you can actually try different things and see the result!

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I sure hope so! Probably the one module I’ve bought with the least understanding of.

I followed the Studies when I got my Teletype and was producing interesting variations within a few minutes. People here are also super supportive. It instantly became one of my favorite modules. Dig through the > teletype : code exchange thread and load some of the interesting-looking scripts via a USB stick. Start with shorter scripts first and you’ll get the hang of it soon enough. Ask lots of questions!


and don’t forget about Teletype haiku for examples of what can be done with super short scripts.


Hi all,

I’m trying to write a script that toggles CV.OFF 1 between N 7 and N 12 (a perfect fifth).

I came up with


which is an (IMO) idiotic way of using modulus and the O iterator to switch between 7 and 12 (7 + 5).

Is there a better way to achieve this behavior? For the sake of parsimoniousness let’s say without using pattern data.