Teletype workflow, basics, and questions



Not in front of my unit right now but (in v2.3) tab toggles live, tracker (pattern?), edit modes. The studies mentions using tilde to toggle live, tracker.

These tell different versions of that aspect (look for TAB o TRACKER mentions):


Getting started I thought that it might be nice to have that consistent since it revolves around basic navigation I’m aware docs and studies are made to reflect latest stable release - maybe the url for any documentation could have a version in it?

My trig outs are labelled 1, 2, 3 , 4. They work as A, B, C, D and later panels will have the latter written, I believe I’ve read somewhere.

If not already obvious I’m really new to this.

Thanks, the unit is heaps of fun though!


Can confirm also bought teletype from monome directly recently (arrived about 1 week ago) and also came with a USB cable. Keyboard came a little buggy though (sometimes seem to stop working out of nowhere until replugged). Regardless I am in love and have been having an amazing week :stuck_out_tongue:


Documentation inconsistencies caused me a fair bit of confusion and frustration in the first few days with TT.

I guess the problem is that the module ships with firmware 1.0 (at least mine did). Not everyone will upgrade immediately and not everyone will install the latest beta. One solution may be to leave the 1.0 references and add the changes in parentheses with the version number.

EDIT: just to add to the parallel conversation; I bought direct from monome, my TT shipped without the i2c cable and my keyboard was faulty. I bought a 60% mechanical for £25.


I received my Teletype today and am super excited to get into it but… I have a show in a few weeks I need to get organized for (I have a day job and young family so time is tight). Do those of you who know tt think I could learn some basics and use in one month? (Maybe 6 hours a week to spare)


Don’t try and get it to do everything and you’ll be fine :slight_smile:


You’ll be up and running in a few hours. It’s much easier to get into than it appears.

Do a couple of the Teletype studies and then experiment with various operators. If you get stuck, post here and someone will get you back on track.


So I had my first session with TT tonight. I can see that its something I’ll pick up and enjoy greatly. I need to check - do the UP and DOWN arrows still navigate between commands? I ask because the up arrow doesn’t do anything. Maybe faulty?

EDIT: I saw in the manual that C-p is an alternative key combo for UP. Have to check that this works tomorrow.


Plugged my brand new grid into Ansible this morning and started playing with Kria - just incredible. The only strange thing is that most of the TT commands for Kria don’t seem to work except for one: KR.PERIOD X. For instance, KR.CLK X isn’t recognized (I did make sure to enable TT clocking on the Grid, I should note).

I did a TT firmware update last week to the latest official release, but is there a way to check Ansible’s current firmware? I figure I should just update its firmware, but just thought it was weird about some of the KR commands working…

EDIT: Weird, the extended parameters for Kria (like ratcheting) are working, so I assume I’m on the latest firmware (1.6.0). I must be doing something goofy.


After reading through this thread (and a few others) I decided to take the plunge.

What’s funny is that I was about to buy an Ableton Push last week, drove up to the store to get it and realized the one they had was partly broken. Came home and mulled over my options and then stumbled on to this forum after not having been on for a few years. Funny how life works, but I feel like the universe was telling me to follow the path of monome that day instead of retreating back into my DAW to make dance music. We shall see how all this plays out but I will say I’m crazy excited to see how it goes


My teletype arrived today running firmware 1.2. Was kind of confused for a minute because I went directly to reading the teletype studies but for the life of me couldn’t figure out what was already causing triggers to go off since I hadn’t patched anything yet.

Obviously you can’t have instructions for everything but I would echo rikraks sentiment by saying that it’d be nice for the documentation to reference the different firmware revisions since it can cause a bit of a headache when you first get up and running. I take it on the newer software the metronome kicks in by default whereas the one in the teletype studies has nothing running whatsoever.

Small documentation issues aside, just finished up the first teletype study and man is this thing fucking rad :smile:


Just getting my head around Just Type…Lots of fun so far. I’ve got a very basic patch scaling the volumes of the 6 channels of JF. At the moment the volumes are switching instantly as the scenes on TT are triggered. What I’d like to do is have them swell in and out. I’d assumed this would be taken care of by a slew of some kind, but haven’t managed to nail it so far. Any pointers would be much appreciated!


Unfortunately slewing values within a script isn’t possible directly. The TT CV outputs can have slew applied to them. Hypothetically to make use of that slew for a variable you’d have to dedicate a hardware channel to the task and read the value of that channel very quickly as it skews.


Thanks, I kind of guessed that might be the case. Not a problem though, modulated VCAs do the job!



It’s very much early days with my brand new Teletype, but I’ve run across something that I’m wondering about:

I’d like to do something like

(EDIT: forgot the DIV)


I think multiple PRE-operators(?) can’t be chained in one command… Any ideas on how to do something like this?

> teletype : code exchange

Correct. Only one PRE allowed per line. Perhaps move the DEL into it’s own script, and call the script?


god i hope to be as smart as you guys are with this someday.


I’m very much just starting out, and I’d love to get a good beginner Teletype discussion going! Getting the syntax down is one thing, but I think the real issue is being able to dream up all the possibilities these building blocks allow…


Oh, very clever! So something like:

Script 1:

Script 2:


Yes, exactly that. For 20 chars of scripting fun.


TR.P 0 safely does nothing, which you can use to your advantage here. Sadly the line would be too long to fit, so you need to break it up:

Q LT RAND 100 57

If you used a normal variable instead of the queue, any other script changing it during the delay can cause the wrong channel to trigger. Of course if any other script messes with the queue this will break too. :slight_smile:

If you wanted 50% rather than 57%, you could use:


Another two-line solution:


Teletype as envelope generator?