Teletype workflow, basics, and questions



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Thanks Mr. Mod.

And Thanks @rikrak and @Starthief – I guess my evening just got booked solid, looking at Starthief’s examples and reading through this thread! I’m just loving the TT so far, and I have zero coding background.


I am so damn tempted…especially now with Just Friends in my not yet fully finished 56hp.

I start to be less scared of the coding part reading around here but i would like to get a few questions out of my head.

-for any midi use, one would need Ansible or any midi to cv/gate/trigger module? I ask because it seems Grid is plugged directly into TT too and not sure if TT actually understands midi?

-a while ago i asked on MW about sth that would be able to „house“ a bunch of allflesh pads to act as cv source (1v/oct) and TT was actually recomended for this. So are the inconsistent triggers of the allflesh enough to work reliably with TT and would it be a simple matter of having a scene that for example corresponds to notal 1v/oct output of 8 triggers?

-is it possible to create envelopes between the trigger ins and the Cv outs?
I think so, but wanted to make sure…

-is it common, possible and practical to create lets say 10 scenes for different applications/patches and leave coding out for a while and simply switch scene on the module to the present use case and jam out?

-is just Type the next step of complicated or more a matter of (i think copy paste/load wont work?) typing in available code, maybe adjusting and saving to a scene to be set and availbale anywhere without further need of code?

-what exactly are the onboard functions when away from keyboard. Does the Parameter only change scene or has multiple functions?

So damn tempted


One at a time :slight_smile:

  1. The grid is not a midi device. TT doesn’t support midi.

  2. Not sure i understand the question, but yes you can trigger stuff with allflesh. What happens when you trigger a script will depend on whats in the script.

  3. Envelopes aren’t really TTs strong point, but you can slew cv values. The TXo expander has more envelope capabilities.

  4. Yes

  5. Just type is no more complicated than general TT scripting.

  6. Outside of selecting a scene, the onboard functions/Param knob do only what is defined in the current scene.

I am sure that you have, but have you checked out the TT studies? They give some great insight into what the TT is capable of. :slight_smile:


As a newer Teletype owner, I can offer you a perspective here. I was pretty concerned about introducing a QWERTY keyboard into my modular workflow, and kind of wondered the same thing. As it turns out, so far, I leave the keyboard connected just about always. It’s actually a great deal of fun and feels more like it belongs there than I ever thought possible. YMMV of course but for me the whole “QWERTY keyboard” issue was purely contrived in my own mind.

You don’t have to always be “coding” with it. You can use it to change values in one of the patterns, for example, or setting a pattern’s end point, and it really doesn’t feel that much different than wiggling a knob, to me.


Is copying codes (and adjust) a recomended way one could learn the module?


Oh well… that belongs still to the coding category for me haha. But thanks for the insight!

So when the keyboard is of. All parameters wont be editable in any way right?

Too bad to hear about the envelope limitations. That d make a big difference for me.

One thing i dont get, if the ins are all trigger based. How would one actually connect pitch cv and in case of just type even poly? Or do the ins accept any kind of cv?


for sure!

I’d say spending time with the Teletype Studies and Just Type Studies will also help get you started. By supplying small chunks of code explanations and a final scene with a musical example, this helps frame the code as cause --> effect. Once you get started, making small modifications to these final scenes is a really nice way to personalize your interaction with the code.


I’m not sure I fully understand the question, but as a relatively new TT user, I’ll see if I can clarify :slight_smile:

Think of the trigger INs as simply ways to activate your scripts. If you’ve coded a few musical events or parameters in SCRIPT 1 (e.g. the speed of the internal metronome, the value of a CV out), sending a trigger to input 1 will cause those events/parameters to occur.

Remember that, in the case of Just Friends + TT, the two modules are connected via i2c on the rear. As such, no physical connection is needed to send say note or trigger information to Just Friends.

For example:

JF.VOX 1 N 6 V 9

Each time I send a trigger to input 1 (linked to SCRIPT 1), the first channel of Just Friends will be activated, playing note 6 at a velocity level of 9.

+1 to @Dan_Derks recommendation of checking out the studies though - I’ve just scratched the surface above!


There is a single CV input that can be read by your scripts, and 8 trigger ins that will trigger the corresponding scripts. The TXi expander will give you an additional 4 inputs and 4 param knobs, if you can get a hand on one:

You can use the current Param knob values in your scripts, it is only used for navigation if you want to change between ‘scenes’ (saved collections of scripts).

I’ll also point out there’s a lot you can do on Teletype without the keyboard connected, depending on how you build your scenes. I generally don’t have the keyboard connected, but just make use of my existing scenes.

Also, with regards to all-flesh, I haven’t used them myself, but I don’t believe tapping an all-flesh will give you a trigger, it used your body as a patch cable. So you’d need a second all-flesh attached to a voltage source and your body would temporarily connect to the Teletype all-flesh.


Do not plug your grid directly into your TT. TT can’t provide enough power for a grid, so you risk damaging the TT and the grid. You’ll need a separate power supply for the grid such as the Offworld 1.


But how would a traditional keyboard midi or cv would be invloved here? I dont see it.

If i really go this route i will ofc check every single tut out there.

There most likely will never be a simpler solution to Just Type than this route right?


I see. Read sth like that on monome page. But no plans for grids actually.


Good stuff. Totally missed the cv in!

You mean „can‘t use the param knob… right?
That expander sounds very awesome indeed. But hard to find is always not so nice

Concerning Allflesh, afaik triggers is about the only thing they can put out consistently. But i havent tried. The application you refer to is ofc the original use idea


Nope, I think he definitely means “can”.
Any script can read the current value of the param knob, and use this value in whatever way you decide.


So its assignable. Wasnt sure i got you about that earlier.
How is scene change archieved if not by the param knob?

Sorry for all the questions :smiley:


Scene selection with the Param knob first requires you to press the button near the USB input, then you can use the knob to select your scene. Otherwise the knob is just another source of values for your scenes/scripts to use.


When using Just Type are the front jacks of Just Friends still active and could there still be additional patchings and modulations to/from Just Friends and between JF and TT?


to my understanding: yes


Sick:) 20 characters of