Teletype workflow, basics, and questions



Yup I think you got it haha – I was way overcomplicating this, I’ll just delay by some random subdivision of the clock, I think that should basically due the trick, thank you!

Edit: In fact maybe I can use psuedo-random delay values stored in patterns so I can get predictably random rhythms that will repeat


Might be fun to push the triggers onto the stack with a metronome (or external trigger), and then decide how many to pull off the stack based on the stack length.


Oo that’s a fun idea as well! This would make it easier to have small bursts of rhythm, which I think would be pretty fun. I definitely don’t make use of the stack often enough.

Can’t wait to try out some of these ideas tonight and report back :slight_smile:


i like to add delayed secondary hits with a very low probability. so you get a lil extra something every now and then.


Let thing be pretty loose on a per-trigger time basis. Using a variable to accumulate error, you can occasionally use a beat to “pay off” part of the accumulated error. To avoid paying it all back on beat 128, you could pay it off (part or all) whenever error exceeds a particular threshold.

EDIT: Alternatively, work “one tick behind schedule” with a steady METRO script setting up the next tick on random delay. Instead of accumulating error, now you’ll just constrain how far off each beat is allowed to be.


Is P.RM one-based? I’m going through the Teletype studies 5 and after doing P.INS 0 5 and P.INS 0 6, the tracker page is showing 6 at the row 0 and 5 at row 1. If I do P.RM 0 though it first removes 5 and then 6. With PN.RM 0 0 it returns the correct order though.

Edit: Actually it’s not even that, if I do P.PUSH 5 and P.PUSH 6 and P.RM 0 twice it returns 6 first and then 5 so it seems like P.RM is actually working backwards?


I believe P.RM has been fixed in the new firmware which has just been released today.

Relevant bugfix:



Ha I was almost certain it was user error, I’ll install the RC. Thanks!


Just had some time to test this out further. I’m trying to determine via IN which script I’m going to run, using my keyboard as a selector.

A GTE IN 1000 // just a random cutoff point, 1000 seemed like it’d work

^This doesn’t work. I have to go up to DEL 400 for the scene switch to trigger reliably. Still Cirklon as CV source… Any ideas? I can’t believe my Cirklon slews CV by 400 ms. (Slew is off for that CV output)


Followup on fluctuating tempos:
I went with a simple delayed trigger approach, and although it didn’t sound all that interesting with the Volca Beats, I had a lot of fun with it triggering AD envelopes controlling some sounds out of 3 Sisters and modulated by Just Friends.

I ended up just using 2 scripts:

A B; B C; C D;

Basically I created kind of a shift register, so the there’s 4 different but related randomized rhythms getting created. Also, every 16th beat fires normally, to stay somewhat grounded on the beat.

I had a lot of fun with this, but I have 4 CV outs and a lot more scripts to make use of, so I want to expand this further. Maybe I should use the PARAM knob to control what divisions of the beat are possible? Any other fun ideas?

EDIT: Just realized I never revisited Script 1 after adding the other 3 rhythms, so I’m skipping every 16th beat for 2-4 entirely. It didn’t sound bad, but I’ll probably change that later :smile:


Does anyone use any microtonal scales with Teletype? Would love to know how you’re using them. One thing I would like to do is create a simple quantizer with say a just intonation scale- what is the easiest way to do this?


i don’t use microtonal scales - but i have made a quantizer. i can’t write the script out now, but the gist is:

  • write your scale in one pattern
  • scale whatever you’re reading (param, or in) to a range equal to total number of notes in your scale
  • on trigger read the current scaled value as the index of the pattern with your scale in it

as for writing out a microtonal scale - i dunno -but i’m sure soemone here does :slight_smile:


Thanks a lot for spelling this out @shellfritsch! I will try experimenting with millivolts in relation to cents and see what I can come up with.


One of the Teletype studies does just that (i.e. explains how to use patterns to define scales).


Ok awesome! I’ve only gone through the first three, so I will scan/ try to finish them up.


It’s in the 7th one :


Hmm, is a quantiser a tool that provides a note value/voltage based on an index, or a tool that rounds an incoming voltage to the nearest note in a scale? The solutions above solve for the former definition, I think that it would be easy enough to solve for the other sense by using two columns of the patterns as a lookup table, and spin through the first column based on an input voltage, and use the second column as the lookup.


Quick example quantiser. Pentatonic minor.


Thank you @GoneCaving!!!


Hi, is it possible to program the frequency intervals in a sequence?
let’s say I have a cv sequence of 5 notes and I want to
play the 1st then then the 2nd after 20 sec the 3d after 1 min etc…