Teletype workflow, basics, and questions


This Laurie Spiegel article was originally posted by @tehn -

Inspiring when you’re thinking about Teletype scripts and composition – I return to it often.



Every EVERY has its own counter.

So, yes, your example would work as you wish!



I’m not certain I know what you mean but do you know that you can ‘comment out’ lines with “ALT+/”?

Aha, do you mean whilst in Live mode? How about writing the code in a Script which is not being triggered and then manually triggering it with “SCRIPT n” in Live? Or you can use the keyboard shortcut, which I think (I’m afk)is the corresponding Function key.

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Answered your question in more detail over on the Orthogonal Forum.

Short answer: do this as the TXi indexes at 1 like the Teletype (and you should be able to do it very quickly):



Thanks for starting this thread. I have been pondering the same and have been trying to find the time to start reading the numerous TT threads. I’ve already learnt a lot from above and am going to really consider the TT for a change of direction.



What confuses me (non TT owner) is how teletype and ansible are related. I guess this is a really REALLY broad question, but how do people use Kria and TT together?

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You can use them together in the “traditional” fashion, whereby you send CV & triggers from Ansible via patch cables, or alternatively you can use i2c, which works via a ribbon cable inside your case, connecting the TT and Ansible together. (This was the bit that I never quite cottoned on to before i got hold of my TT.)

There’s a subset of the TT commands that address Ansible directly via this cable. You can see a list of these commands here:

Or perhaps you knew this and you were asking about specific examples of how the two are used together?



Using the Grid with Teletype is awesome. It helps you to focus on what you want to do. I’ve been way more productive since the grid integration.
Sequencers in all sorts, tools to work with the ER-301, keyboards, controllers…All these concepts come to mind easily when i look to an unplugged grid. The grid remains a huge catalyser for ideas. Can’t wait for Arc integration some day.



That’s a lot of script calls! It’s definitely audio rate.



Does Teletype support non US keyboards? Or will it stick to the US layout no matter what kind of keyboard is connected?



I read a few of those tips and the one that stuck out and I knew it as I was orinally typed it

Do Not Copy-Paste

You must type each of these exercises in, manually. If you copy and paste, you might as well not even do them. The point of these exercises is to train your hands, your brain, and your mind in how to read, write, and see code. If you copy-paste, you are cheating yourself out of the effectiveness of the lessons.

I’m dedicating an hour each morning before I start other music - I’m stubborn, I’ll get there and this place is truely amazing…no egos, just awesome people

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Note: another way to use Ansible with Teletype is strictly an expander mode, giving you 4 extra CV and gate outputs, as well as a couple buttons and gate inputs to monitor (but not extra scripts). Once you get comfortable with Teletype you may wish you had more output so or inputs, which make either Ansible or the TXo/TXi modules a great addition.



Thanks. I have no idea about TT at all, so your insights are welcome.



I have a Teletype ordered, which naturally means I have a slew of naive questions. I’ll limit myself to just one for now.

I understand that the trigger ins bring a whole new level of complexity and interactivity, but can Teletype be scripted to run independently of external triggers? For instance, if I wanted to script a fluctuating random CV, can that be done entirely “in-the-box”?

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absolutely. the physical trigger inputs just correspond to scripts 1-8. there is an internal metronome which can be told to trigger scripts internally, or you can use the F1-F8 keys to trigger scripts 1-8, or you can use live coding to trigger scripts and other behaviors.



You can set up a “metronome” script that will run stuff periodically.

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When I first got into Eurorack in fall 2016, I saw the Teletype and thought it was kind of goofy – a computer to put in one’s rack, for those who don’t like computers? I realize now that I missed the point. :slight_smile:

My project in the last few months has been to explore different sequencing types. When I write melodic stuff I do most of my sequencing in MIDI – basic step sequencer and standard tracker stuff in hardware doesn’t really appeal to me that much. But I do like working with unquantized sequences, gate manipulation (Euclidean patterns, dividers, logic etc.), combining multiple gates in a mixer to create CV patterns, etc.

I had an Ornament + Crime fairly early in my modular journey, but was using it just for envelopes and wasn’t entirely happy with it, so I sold it. Lately I’ve been thinking about getting one again to do quantization or Euclidean sequences – but I don’t much like the “or” part of that, the apps aren’t exactly what I need, and while I am a coder I don’t really want to get deep into modifying firmware.

Enter Teletype… I realize I could set up scenes that have multiple channels of Euclidean patterns, stored patterns, shift registers, dividers, multipliers, logic etc. and simultaneously quantize a pitch CV (or multiple CVs with TELEXi). And then also issue some commands to W/ for probably all kinds of fantastic fun – hopefully synchronizing cues to tempo and switching between them, etc.

I think I have talked myself into it at this point.



the answer is “jain” depending on the layout some do work some less. I think I tried with the IT layout and it did work moslty, except for a few things… but can’t remember exactly

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I still haven’t got a Teletype but when I get one I’ll want to use a Japanese keyboard with it, as that’s what I use for everything else. I asked about that here some time ago and it looked like I would have to modify a bit of code and recompile the firmware (I’m on ly ohone and can’t find the thread but I got links to the files to modify on github).

I wanted to try that before actually buying a TT but haven’t had the time to install everything for that yet (and a I’m a Windows user the dic us s bit sparser for this).

It would be great to have some non-US keyboard options available without having to recompile everything but for now lots of keys-related stuff is hardcoded.



Wait? Teletype does all of this? I am looking for almost all of these functions