Teletype workflow, basics, and questions



I made this for note number reference, perhaps someone else will find it useful. If there is a better place for it, please move this post.

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I’d love to see someone with solid graphic skills (aka not me) make a circle of fifths midi note chart. I have a crudely hand drawn one that I made, but it would be nice to have a printable one for marking.

I’m also intrigued by how people tune their oscillators with the teletype. Does anyone actually use all 8 octaves of N values? Tuning my oscillators so that the N 0 is the lowest C I’d want to hear has always been my strategy, I feel like I rarely need to go beyond 3 octaves. More often I feel like I only use the first 2 and a half octaves and then use CV.OFF if I want to go higher from there.


I typically tune to… whatever feels good, and treat any input (whether MIDI-to-CV, Teletype, analog sequencing, etc.) as transposition from that root. If later I include other instruments that don’t transpose so easily, I make adjustments as needed to get things aligned.

I usually stick with low voltages for pitch CV to improve tracking consistency, but sometimes I like big octave jumps that are a little bit off :slight_smile:


Hey All,

Apologies for:

  1. If this question has been answered already; my search skills are failing me.
  2. This is probably not a Teletype-only kind of question; just how I noticed it.

If I have a cable plugged into one of the Teletype CV out jacks and touch that cable to a jack on most other modules the Teletype CV LED will light up; if I plug all the way into the jack the LED turns off. Examples:

Teletype LED lights up: Tangle Quartet, PNW, Maths, Three Sisters, Triatt, Nebulae, Rings, Clouds

Teletype LED does not light up: Malekko Buff Mult, Morphagene

I don’t notice any impact to Teletype, so just curious if any of the brains here have an explanation for education purposes (related to dc coupling?). The case in question is powered by a Row Power 40.



Just for another data point, this happens with the LEDs on my Ansible and Teletype in a Make Noise powered skiff. I don’t recall which modules this happens for or doesn’t happen for. My guess—although it really is just a guess—is that touching the cable to a panel or a jack briefly shorts it to ground? or else briefly connects it to whatever the jack is normalled to in the absence of a cable?

Whichever is the case, this suggests that Teletype and Ansible have their LEDs draw power essentially from the CV present on the cable, so the light is responding to some current flowing “backwards”.