Teletype workflow, basics, and questions



It does Euclidean, stored patterns and dividers natively.

Multiplication seems like it would be pretty easy, by checking the timing between pulses and setting the metronome to a fraction of that (for one multiplier output), or --if things can work this way – a timer in an endless loop on another script.

Quantization can be more complex, but there are some elegant examples on this forum that should be able to handle my fairly basic needs. Microtonal quantization seems doable as well. TELEXi and TELEXo have a bunch of built-in quantization scales as well.

There are also some nice shift register examples, including Turing Machine implementations :slight_smile:


Link to a quantization example pls? I haven’t been able to crack that puzzle yet.


And there are some ideas about quantizing in


Ah - yes, quantizing to even divisions of an octave or semitone is a solved problem, and to anything that’s built into the Telexes. (Which might not all be even divisions? But I don’t remember any of them being a Dm7 scale, is my problem.) Thanks tho.


This thread really put me over the edge on buying a Teletype. I just got a Beatstep Pro and the drum triggers are permanently 10-12v (which I didn’t know when I ordered and has been a disappointment. Really thought it would be cool for Just Friends). Would that work for Teletype?

Edit: Sorry, tightened up my question.

Edit 2: After a day, the BSP worked just fine with Just Friends. I guess the BSP just needed to breathe…


Isn’t that more than many eurorack modules output? 10-12V seems a lot to me for a trigger. Shouldn’t be a problem with the TT but maybe worth checking.
What do I use them for: to read a clock and divide, make euclidean rythms or to just plain play a pattern sequence. I also use them to trigger envelopes, increment variables, reset variables, generate a random number, etc. Something that might not be obvious: the TT does very little if you don’t trigger it.
If your question was what I do use as a source:

  • MIDI-CV interface with the Octatrack creating the triggers via MIDI
  • just a clock from random modules or squarewave out from an LFO
  • using a clock output from the TelexO
  • self patching


Me, I use triggers from Ansible, White Whale, Maths, Turing Machine and a Trigger Riot, depending on what I’m trying to accomplish.


Yeah, seems like a lot to me too, but BSP’s drum triggers are 10-12V according to the the manual that I should’ve read more closely. Thanks for the rest of your advice, though.


not necessarily - there is metronome script (which could be irregular if desired) and grid integration (where you can trigger scripts from grid). super fast metronome script reading from the input/param knob/ansible/TXi/faderbank can also emulate scripts reacting to continuous changes


I often find myself only adding triggers after I’ve built a considerable amount of the scene, to add weird variations/etc.


yes that is absolutely true


This is how EVERY works, yep (wanted to sit down and test it out but hadn’t got a chance to until now)


It begins. Now for the guaranteed anxiety around whether or not I’m plugging anything in backwards.


Plugged in the Teletype today, and dang am I having a great time. Going through the first studies has been fun and rewarding - major props for such good documentation and exercises.

The only little question I have so far relates to manually triggering scripts or the metronome with the keyboard – the documented WIN + X commands aren’t doing anything for me (for example, WIN + M doesn’t kick-start the metronome). Are the commands different on newer firmware (I’m running 2.0.1)?


Yes. Try the function keys. F1 to F8 trigger scripts 1 to 8. Metronome script is F9, Init is F10.

It is possible to toggle Mute of a script with Ctrl + Fn.

Alt + Fn switches to edit the respective script.


Took the plunge and bought one the other night, super excited to see where this takes me. After reading through the studies and Just Type studies it really started to become apparent that this would be a good fit for me.


One of my trigger inputs might be busted :scream: Trying to think of what else it could be. Does the mute status of a trigger input persist through power cycling? I will test later but I’m away from the module at the moment.


It can, depending on what’s in the scene that TT powers into. Unlikely that your hardware is borked – maybe just something in the scripts being recalled when you power cycle.

I’d say load a blank scene, throw a L 0 7: MUTE I 0 in LIVE mode to unmute all, and test the offending trigger input.


My TT arrived today (but alas, not my i2c cable until later in the week so I can’t play with W/ Type yet). Wow! Love this thing. :slight_smile: This suits me much better than the previous combination of dividers, random and Euclidean sequencers it’s replacing.

I had fun going through Teletype Studies and adding all kinds of twists to the various bits. Like the tempo-synced metronome… why not use FLIP to alternate whether it syncs to the actual time or to quadruple time?
Or have the M script change its own time, only to be brought back in line by the main clock? Good times.


Everything’s working tonight, so I suspect it was more of a glitch at my trigger source rather than the input being muted / busted.

Pamela’s, Levit8, and Maths arrived tonight. Looking forward to crafting some goofy envelope scripts.