Teletype workflow, basics, and questions



Nice, would love to have a look at that sometime!


Tilde should bring up a view of the variables for live monitoring.

However, it does look like this key command has been removed in the latest firmware. I wonder if @scanner_darkly can shed any light on this.

EDIT: looks like the keyboard combo for bringing up the variables view is now Fn + Esc on my (non standard) keyboard. I’m not sure when/if this changed - or what the correct combo is for the default keyboard.


it should be the same for both the latest official 2.2 version and the beta 2.3 version: ~ switches the variable view on/off.


It may just be my 60% keyboard - the tilde is on the Esc key. Pressing Shift + Esc prints a tilde. Pressing Fn + Esc brings up the variables.

Anyway, thanks for confirming the correct combo on the default keyboard - that’s all that matters.


Thank very much for the quick response. I tried implementing this and I get the ‘unknown word’ response to PARAM.SCALE?


I’ve got this idea to work with the command

But for some reason this feels inelegant…?


What firmware are you running? PARAM.SCALE is a new op in 2.2


Brand new TT so I presumed the latest, but maybe not…


Things move fast around here :wink: Reboot the TT and it will display your firmware info on the screen.


So I ordered last night… very excited to get on the learning curve with this.


Been stewing on this one in my head all day, but I can’t seem to crack it now that I’m front of TT.

Let’s say I’m using Just Type, I have a 6-note pattern set, and I want to randomly allocate one of those six notes to any JF channel. Is such a thing possible with something like P.I RAND 6? Conceptually, my head was moving towards something like:

JF.VOX 1 N X V 5
JF.VOX 2 N X V 5

Does that not work because the pattern’s playhead can’t technically exist/read multiple values at the same time? Hopefully this makes sense!


Ah, very fun idea! This implementation likely doesn’t yield the desired results because X can only be one value each time you call the script. So if X = 5 on one execution, then all those JF.VOX commands are just going to use N 5.

If you have all your notes in the first column, this’ll get you where I think you want to be:

JF.VOX 1 N PN 0 RAND 6 V 5
JF.VOX 2 N PN 0 RAND 6 V 5

Bonus: you get to dedicate a line to each voice in JF, all in one script!


Agreed, voice targeting with JF is very fun! There’s also 0, which sends out to all voices (effectively muting everything else). If I remember correctly I use random voice assigning in this one, including 0 (you can here it in how the first note of the sequence sometimes is very prominent and sometimes just sort flows with the rest)

Horizontalpitch is back (latest article: midcentury modular)

Thanks @jlmitch5 and @Dan_Derks for getting me unstuck! Now…back to TT :slight_smile:


I think this one-liner would also work, although it may have a character too many…
L 1 6: JF.VOX I N PN 0 RAND 6 V 5


For these situations I use RRAND.
JF.VOX 1 N P RRAND 0 6 V 5

I’m not sure if that is less characters, though.

You could do all six voices by subbing in

Y RAND 1 6 (or put this line in M with a fast metro.)


Just to be clear, a numeric keypad plugged into the USB port works without any specific set up? So press 1 and trigger script 1? Sounds fun!


Yup that’s all there is to it.


New teletype user here. I received my unit last week and it delivers everything i hoped it would. For me this is quite a gamechanger, having multiple recallable generative sequencers with flexible non-grid timing etc. seems too good to be true.

Just a couple of points that possible new users might find interesting:

  • Escape from noise has been out of teletype stock for quite a long time now, so i decided to order it directly from monome. I am based in germany and was a little bit worried about taxes etc., but it turned out to be quite moderate overall. Price point was 423€ for the module incl. shipping, taxes around 90€ total.

  • Teletype came with a USB A-A cable. Which was handy. I almost purchased one before i got the module, so, you might not have to do that.

  • On the other hand, no eurorack power cable was included. I had a spare one so that was fine, but you might want to prepare in that regard. Personally i find it a bit strange to ship it without power cable, but whatever, i mostly build my own modules these days so i don’t know if this is common practice in 2018.

  • The tutorials are great. A couple minor things go differently with current firmware but these are just some minor points really.


I bought directly from Monome and mine came with a cable. So far, nothing I’ve bought was missing one (which is good for me since I don’t have a spare).