Teletype 'wrap' clarification

Hi, I can’t seem to get the expected behavior from the WRAP command. Whether I apply it to a variable:

WRAP X 1 7

or the Parameter knob


When I call for either of those values, it ignores the wrapping. Am I missing something here?

this works fine for me. what firmware version are you on?

also just to sanity check.

if X = 0, wrap should give 7
if X = 8, wrap should give 1

OK, I was using it incorrectly! I now realize that it doesn’t change the actual X value, but the Wrap line yields it’s own result. So X can just keep counting into infinity, but the line WRAP X 1 7 will keep returning 1-7…

I assume you could say:

Y Wrap X 1 7

and Y would then get assigned the WRAP value?

Thanks, Tehn. That helped me.

yep, tried assigning to Y, and that works well.

Yes, or you can overwrite X itself too with:

X WRAP X 1 7