Telex Studies?

I was wondering if there are any Telex based studies available that I have missed. Have searched around and found little bits of code and of course the list of operators etc. But being a coding novice it is super helpful to me to see working examples then futz around with those. And the more formal “studies” are incredibly helpful. Best part about them actually is that these studies almost always result in a piece of music. . . Anyway, i thought I would bring it up. Would love to see how some of you are using the TO.OSC functions in particular.


There are some in the new documentation in the example areas for the operators:

I’m also working on some studies - but they aren’t my top priority right now as I’m in the middle of another (small) batch of expanders. @scanner_darkly has done some cool stuff with the oscillators (and the wave morphing that he contributed to the firmware).


Here’s the call for volunteers for new teletype studies in general:


telex would really benefit from dedicated studies as there are so many different ways you could use it. writing studies is a pretty big time investment though, but i think we could do it gradually, post a script first, then expand it into a study when the time allows. we should really start doing it for any scripts posted on the forum, as it can be difficult to search for them in a long thread. i’ll post a suggestion in the teletype codex thread.


Yup. Also a reminder that we have a handy dandy Studies category, to neatly organize each individual study post into one easy to find category. I feel pretty strongly that thread-per-study is going to be a lot easier for folks to follow (and therefore contribute to) than a bunch of interleaved stuff in one giant thread.


i think this is a great idea!

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