Telex: Teletype expanders


8 knobs ?
8 inputs ?


this could certainly be possible given the II header on the back.

is the idea for the inputs to have more scripts?


Wow, that would be incredible.
More scripts, yes, but i was more thinking about inputs as the only input in the original module. S&H, CV processing (with the forthcoming “scale”), etc…



euro cv in general can really use thinning/filtering before conversion to midi.


You mean you’d like midi support ? Via usb ? I’m not sure i get it


Any excitement about a TT expander ?
i was wondering, since i am on the edge of buying a second TT, for one more IN, and outputs…
Would adding outputs be possible as well ?


i use the cv outs as trigs plus there is SCRIPT for a lot of situations i thought i wanted more i/o so for now i’m content

still…only thing that stopped me from getting a second one is the price

an expander would be tough as we all seem to want different things in a TTX


What’s the code for a simple trigger to a CV out ?


i mean, apart from
CV 1 500
DEL 5: CV 1 0


Somehow I missed this thread before…

I would immediately jump on an expander for Teletype, but my wish would be to double the OUTPUTS… A simple side car with additional 4 CV and 4 TR outputs would make it possible for Teletype to control much more complex systems.

Even with the current number of scripts possible, you can control so many more outputs and truly diversify the control schemes. A single command can determine the behavior of a single output. Often times I make scripts that within the 6 lines control all 4 TR outputs.

Not sure if any serious thought was given to making TT expander, or how complicated a task this would be, but I certainly love the idea! :smile:


Agreed that outputs would be lovely. Anything would be welcomed, but not necessarily script inputs. One more ‘IN’ input, a few ‘param’ knobs as well.


Not necessarily simple but works within the framework of a pattern bank. As an example:

0 _ 0 _ 0 _ 0
0 _ 0 _10 _ 0
0 _ 0 _ 0 _ 0
0 _ 0 _ 0 _ 0
0 _ 0 _10 _ 0
0 _ 0 _ 0 _ 0


I think if you intersperse 0s 1s and 10s, the same pattern can be referenced by a tr and cv with different output results. Cant recall for sure but will do a discrete test later this week.

0 _ 0 _ 1 _ 1
0 _ 0 _10 _ 1
0 _ 0 _ 1 _ 0
1 _ 0 _ 0 _ 0
0 _ 1 _10 _ 0
0 _ 0 _ 1 _ 0


I am afraid i don’t know what you mean.
I was just asking what code you would use to generate a trigger to CV 1.


Use 10 as a value in the tracker and tell the CV jack to output the voltage at the corresponding position.

I’m sure there are other ways…that is just how I do it to make rhythms.


I’m more about trigger generation on cv outputs.
For instance you would use TR.PULSE A. But for the same out of output 1 ?


i like the idea of a TT expander. it could conceivably work on the same ii port as the ww/mp/es.

but in reality, the amount of time and money invested into such a project would mean it’d have to be a personal hobby project at a loss-- given most of the projects monome does are on the threshold of profitability and that there are very few teletypes in use (considering the size of the modular market).

this said, the firmware is open source. i know some people may be sick of hearing some of us constantly re-announce this, but a DIY 8-digital-output expander would be as simple as hooking up an arduino with quite possibly less than a dozen lines of code. and then some very simple modifications to the teletype repo. these are the sorts of projects that i can throw in pointers if someone takes them on (given they have at least some experience with arduino etc).

the modular community seems like a great place where people commonly do small batch mods. we’re one of the few companies that are trying to encourage this activity by providing source. DIY is the solution when there’s a small demand for a very particular functionality. i’m looking to empower these endeavors.

now-- if TT ever merits a version 2, i’ll certainly consider a new feature set. the best way you all can help further development of TT is to evangelize its awesomeness, which i know many of you do and i thank you!


Hopefully something like that will happen. I certainly don’t have the skills, but who knows, maybe one day ?
Meanwhile be sure we will sing the “TT song” to spread the word !


If someone is up for making this happen, I would be happy to purchase! :smile:

Also, multiple mentions of Teletype in this thread as “best of 2015”!..


This should be pretty easy; I’d be game for making this happen. I’m a little swamped with work, so it may take me a little time. But it sounds like a fun project and a great way to expand the capability of that awesome machine.

I would personally like a few more CV values that I could poll. Does anyone else have some concrete specifics on what they would like?



more knobs!

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