Telex: Teletype expanders


how deep are the TXO+? is it more than ansible?



My nerves will be a wreck until I snag a TXb as Raph at Michigan Synth Works is currently building my 16n Faderbank.



I built, tested, accessorized, and boxed everything in advance. Things will ship within a couple of days of placing the order.

Both modules share basic Teletype expansion capabilities. They are also quite different beyond that.

Ansible can do a lot more as a standalone instrument with its various control modes and grid integration. It also is syntactically cleaner as an expander; the basic Teletype commands use it as outputs 5+. It is a great module and a highly recommended add to your modular setup.

The TXo has its own set of commands that extend the Teletype outputs (eg TO.TR.P 1). It also has a bevy of enhanced and experimental commands that add some pretty deep capabilities (oscillation, wavetables, metronomes, envelopes, etc.). The Plus variant (TXo+) ups the sample rate, adds a ton of waveforms, and increases the overall quality when combining multiple functions together (oscillation, envelopes, slew, etc.).

I have a strong feeling there will be plenty TXb. :slight_smile:



thanks for the info! I was wondering the mm deep the unit is :smiley: . Also is the I2C connection near the bottom or top of the unit. Have all my i2c monome modules near the bottom of my intellijel case. So they seem to bunch up near the power connecters. Had to find low profile power cables. The i2c on the ansible seems to compete with the power connections.

Can’t wait for the units though .

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Bwahaahaa. I’m so dense sometimes.

According to modular grid, the TXo is 36 mm deep and Ansible is 39 mm.

You can skinny up the Telex if you desolder the female headers and solder the two boards and the Teensy together. This isn’t recommended unless you know what you are doing. Consider your warranty voided regardless. :wink: |



TELEX For Sale - Advance Notice

Store Opening on Monday January 28th at 2 PM PST
[ 5 PM EST / 7 AM (Tuesday the 29th) TST (Tokyo) / 10 PM GMT (London) ]

Store URL:

The following inventory will be added when the sale opens:

  • TELEXo (TXo) Teletype Output Expander
  • TELEXo Plus (TXo+) Teletype Output Expander
  • TELEXo Plus (TXo+) Upgrade (TXo Required)
  • TELEXi (TXi) Teletype Input Expander
  • TELEXb (TXb) Powered i2c Bus Board
  • TELEXn (TXn) 7 Channel Fixed Panner

Quantities are limited; modules will be sold on a first-come, first-serve basis. Based on expressed interest, the output expanders, upgrades, and panner should go quickly. If you are wanting to purchase any of them, it is highly recommended that you purchase your items at the time of store opening.

Shipping should happen within two days of your purchase.

Thanks for all of the support!!

This was a massive build - nearly 300 pieces. All done by hand. By me. Yikes. Looking back, I radically underestimated my own stamina and the time that I would have available outside of work to move it forward. (Hence all of the terrible estimates.) I’m super-stoked to be finally done and shipping these things out to you all!

I should note, this is very likely the last run of the hand-built TXo and TXi. If I do offer them in the future, they will need to be redesigned for contract manufacture. (I have no plans to do this anytime soon. Let’s see if there is demand.)


16n is a bank of faders [release thread] [current version:1.33]
Prototyping Nearness, a minimal panning mixer module
A user's guide to i2c

Am I reading this wrong I just did leave the bar
December 28th ?

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Oops. Copied the times from my 2017 store announcement (was in December). Thanks for the catch!



Lol ok I was scared for a minute

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Any PCB/panel sets to be sold or just built stock?



Just built stock - though I’m sure I have some PCBs and Panels in my stockpile. Once the primary sale is done, I’ll look to see what I have. Right now I can’t get to my storage bins due to all of the boxes in the way… :wink:



Great to see that you have mastered this quest! 300 hand built units - I can imagine that this must have been more than a lot of work - Congrats!

Going through the list, I wonder what has happened to the TXff?



You’re right. I dropped the TXff from this build for a couple of reasons.

First, the current design didn’t pass my final crosstalk test. There was a little too much bleed between channels. While I have all of the parts and panels to make them, I realized that I needed to rev the PCB to resolve the issue. This would add some time and more testing.

Which leads to the fact that the build was taking way too long. By bundling everything together to make life easy on international purchasers, it was forcing me to complete everything before opening the store. Putting the fixed filter back into production would have extended the build even longer.

Finally, based on feedback from the interest registration on the store, this wasn’t an in-demand item (which is what I expected). Add this all together and pushing the TXff out just made too much sense. :slight_smile:

Since I have all the parts and panels, I ultimately do plan to build a few.



Is the TXo upgrade something a beginner could do? If we plan on getting a TXo would it be possible to have It upgraded before it ships? If so, How much would that be?



I think the TXo upgrade just transforms it into a TXo+?



The TXo+ is just a TXo with a more powerful processor (the Teensy 3.6) and a little daughterboard that makes the 3.6 happy with the ramp-up characteristics of common euro power supplies. The hardware underneath for this year’s TXo is identical. (More on this in a moment.) If you have a TXo all you need to do is slide off the processor and pop the new one one. That’s it. Done. Super-easy and beginner-friendly.

There will be pre-built TXo and TXo+ in the store. The upgrades are designed for previous TXo owners - though there is nothing to stop you from purchasing a TXo and an upgrade from this run. It would just cost a little bit more combined since you are buying two Teensy processors. I’m not doing any custom mix and match; no time for that with all of this shipping. :slight_smile:

About the Slight Difference (and the capacitors that shift with the upgrade)

TXo prior to this year have a slightly different cutoff for their single-pole, super-wimpy reconstruction filter. For this years models, all have a slightly higher cutoff on the filter to match the sampling rate when upgraded to a TXo+. For older TXo, the upgrade pack contains the capacitors that would allow you raise your cutoff the ~ 4 hHz that would be needed to make them identical. You don’t really need them unless you are feeling excessively anal.

I strongly recommend against worrying about it. The filter is super-weak and only has a very gradual cutoff as it was designed for filtering the CV, not audio. I honestly doubt you would hear the difference. It only affects the TXo when it is in oscillator mode - and then only slightly. That is why I recommend additional filtration if you want a cleaner sound from the oscillator.



Thank you for the clarification and all the hard work it took to build these super useful modules!



Question: If I’m not able to buy a TXi from this upcoming bunch, will I be able to commission someone to make one for me later? that is, are the schematics etc. available?




Thanks so much, @adrianf !

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