Telex: Teletype expanders


i ordered both iiBusboard and iiBackpack just in case one would work better than the other - should have them next week and will report back!


@ppqq - I don’t think it makes any difference. The true thing that is needed is the iiBusboard or iiBackpack for when you have 4+ devices on your bus.

I like to chain between TELEX units in my installations in order to minimize the cable mess.

As a general rule, one is supposed to keep the i2c cable runs as short as possible. With the various configurations I’ve played with (short runs to adjacent units), I haven’t seen any appreciable difference.


After reading the Telex quick start guide I have a newfound appreciation for the potential to tear the fabric of the universe. I will endeavor to avoid causing the swirling vortex in the sky.

:joy: :mushroom:


I used my Telexes (2 each TXi and TXo) in two performances over the weekend. The second patch featured a 7-oscillator(!) drone voice courtesy of two TXos’ oscillator outputs and two chained Intellijell Quadratt tile mixers & a Synthrotek/MST VCF. Everything worked perfectly during both sets!

It is a challenge to set up that many outputs for oscillator mode with the Teletype’s limited number of commands per script, but creative use of loops and the stack got the job done.


Hooray!!! Would love to have seen and heard it! Any video or audio??

Moving this over from the 2.0 thread…

Great idea! Let’s see what I can make happen. :slight_smile:


If anyone is looking for a fun 1 or 2x TXo Scene, here’s something I made for wild, metric gate creation:


Sounds like your i2c cables may not be oriented properly. Ensure that your ground wire is accurate. Here is an excerpt from the quick start guide (pages 3-4):

  • On the Teletype and Trilogy Modules, the II pins are oriented top to bottom (ground on the top).

  • On the TELEX modules and Ansible, these pins are oriented bottom to top (ground on the bottom).

  • On the TELEX modules, two vertical columns of II pins are present and slightly separated (2x3 connectors won’t cover both columns – they are designed for jumpers).

Ensure that you are appropriately orienting your ground wire when connecting the devices together. The rule is “Twist to the Teletype or Trilogy” - if you need a mnemonic.

Let us know if that solves your problem. :slight_smile:


Smacks head yup that was exactly it, the cable connecting the TXi was reversed. I was surprised this effected Ansible as well! Glad that didn’t damage anything… all seems to be working now. Haven’t noticed ay vortexes yet, but I’ll keep an eye on the sky :wink:


Are pictures of correct hook up posted somewhere? It might be helpful to have this properly presented (AND the trilogy modules as well)…


This is tied to your configuration - there is no single correct hook up. Your setup varies based on the modules that you have on the bus, how they are arranged in your case and what bus board you are using (if any).

An important factor is that your cables are oriented properly. The various modules in the ecosystem are inconsistent in their placement of the ground wire as it relates to the vertical orientation of the module. If you flip the connection somewhere, commands to external modules will hang the Teletype. Look on the PCBs for the ground annotations and check that your cable is oriented properly.

Equally important is the number of devices on your bus. If you have (approximately) four or more devices, you will need a powered bus extender (the iiBusboard or the iiBackpack). (The original bus expander that simply supplied a few additional pins is not adequate in this case as it does not supply the additional voltage that is needed to strengthen the bus.) Without this, you will find that remote commands will frequently hang your Teletype due to the insufficiently powered bus.


at the risk of sounding annoying: any info on current consumption yet?

sorry for bugging, I just have them around the corner (excitement!) and need to be careful with my skiff.


Also reversed one of the cables at first. Now everything is running perfectly. I’ve been months dreaming of things to do with four more inputs, and it will be years of discovery now! Opens things up exponentially for my particular approach.


Maybe I missed it somewhere, but is there any info regarding the TO.ENV shape? Is there a way to set log/lin/exp envelopes?

Really loving the TXo so far! So much so that i’ve barely touched the TXi. More fun ahead :smiley:


Received mine today, and works as expected (and passed through custom without any problem…) :slight_smile: Thanks again for the hard work Bendon.


@jnoble - have you taken a peek at power consumption? I haven’t had a chance as I’ve been traveling and shipping. :wink:

Horray!!![quote=“courdek, post:568, topic:1379”]
Is there a way to set log/lin/exp envelopes?

Envelopes are currently linear. I’ll start maintaining a feature request list somewhere and put this on the list. As I think about it, the computation might be a bit of a resource trick (especially while running oscillators).

Fantastic! Let us know how you use them!!

If you filled out the shipping form, just a reminder: I’m boxing, calculating and sending emails over the weekend. Shipment #2 will go out on Monday.


Are these all sold out?


Last night, I set up TXo/TXi/Just Friends with Teletype firmware 1.4.1 (the hex included above in this thread) on one of the ii backpacks without a hitch!


Telex current consumption:

TXi: 46mA +12V / 5mA -12V
TXo: 51mA +12V / 7 mA -12V

Measured with a fairly reliable Fluke 87; TXo had all its LEDs on full brightness.


Nice! Not terribly thirsty at all.


Yes - but we might have a few extras available due to cancellations. I’ll know early next month after the final shipment date (June 5th). No lists are being kept yet.

YES!!! Glad it went well. Would love to hear about your experience and how you are using them!

You are awesome!! Thanks so much for helping out here! Sincerely appreciated.