Telex: Teletype expanders


I was just thinking in terms of letting everyone have a faire chance at getting one since I understand it is the last batch and some might miss out simply because they are on the other side of the world. Thanks for considering!


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Again considering this is the last batch and is likely to go very quickly, in all fairness I would be in favor of limiting to a combo per person but hey not my call!


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Looks like you’ve done your math already! :slight_smile: nothing could be done about that - go for it


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I’m talking about limits related to that particular batch, I hope you get what you want but if someone hits the buy button before you do and purchase all of them how will you feel?


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whatever, I’m over it now, good luck


For this reason I do agree with @madeinspace here.

Of course there would be ways around it and people who already have them could still purchase but a limitation could help. Just my 2 cents.


Thanks for making the opening time world-friendly :slight_smile:
Are the prices with or without shipping ?


I agree with @madeinspace and @ghost. I was planning to get two txos, but I’d be fine with a limitation if many people are interested and are concerned if they’ll get one in time. Better for many to get some than for some to get many.


Agree with the sentiments above that one set per individual would be the fair thing to do.

Anyone wanting more can always DIY some or pay someone to DIY for them.


i think the limitation can be two modules for person
talking as a european buyer, we’re planning to make a group buy (two or three persons) to reduce shipping and taxes


Also agree that there should be a limit due to extremely low number of units (relatively speaking).


This is kind of an aside, but… well… given the discussion here probably relevant.

The community has been great at making their designs available. If there is a clear need for more of something perhaps we need to put together an ‘offer’ good enough that someone with the equipment and experience and inclination will step up and make, say, 10 of something. There has been an ‘interest in Aleph’ thread along these lines for a while.

I realize that it is much more convenient / fast / etc. to get in on an existing order, but it is pretty clear these are going to go fast and interest is larger than demand, so…

In a supply and demand world, how much would you pay for a Telex that might entice someone to make one? For many, as of the end of the current sale, that is the reality. What is the price that would entice someone to take this on?

I hugely appreciate @bpcmusic making the Telex but it seems to me that these are a labour of love not a profit centre given the price, the development time, the relatively small volumes, etc. etc. etc.

I’ve thought about this with regards to the Aleph so this isn’t an academic argument to me. Plus I suspect I’ll want more TX’s at some point.


I agree that people buying a second pair after already owning one could be seen as not being perfectly fair, but I don’t think that it follows that we should just throw our hands up and say “we give up, if we can’t make sure that no one gets more than one, we can’t limit anything.”

I think it’s still a good idea to strive for as much fairness as can reasonably be enforced. At least if the community agrees on this.


The main point here is that this community is much more about respect and appreciation of each other than unadultered “market rules”. At least that’s the way I perceive it.


I’m not going to continue this discussion as I simply don’t care enough. I’m going to say that “mob rule” is an interesting way to frame this, though. For one thing, it’s still the decision of @bpcmusic how they’re going to do it. Furthermore, if they are interested in the communities opinion on this, another term one could come up with would be “democratic”.


I’m hesitant to even chime in here because I don’t think this is actually going to be a big deal BUT, one slightly more complicated way to do it would be to limit purchases to something like 2 of any item (including the combo, which seems reasonable), but only for the first 24 hours. That way you give everyone a fair chance to get up to a couple of each, but afterwards if anyone is interested in building out a ridiculous teletype system, then they can do that then.

That said, I have no idea how much of a pain in the ass that would be to do in Shopify, and like I said, I don’t actually think it’s going to be that big of a deal unless someone is a huge jerk. :slight_smile: