Telex: Teletype expanders


Likewise. Looking forward to exploring these new possibilities!


In there!

(Now I just need the Teletype.)


(Don’t get mad at me, it’s been in the plan for months)


And mostly sold out already? That was even quicker than I expected.


That’s probably the fastest order I’ve ever completed. :slight_smile:


Oh, and a big THANK YOU to @bpcmusic for making more of these for us to enjoy!!!


@bpcmusic thanks again for building these.


Well I missed out in the middle of the ordering process! I had a bundle and backpack in the cart when I clicked checkout the bundles were already gone. :frowning:

but I hope guys like unity2k got what they wanted in the end though. huh?

Thanks @bpcmusic though for all your work and efforts.


Me too! Wow. My phone just had a conniption with all of the alerts.

There are still a fair number of input expanders on the store - but for those that wanted an output expander, both the bundles and the standalone units have been sold.

Darn. That’s a bummer. Anyone else who missed out on a TXo and wants one, PM me. I’ll keep a short list to get an idea of the demand. My brain is already thinking of ways I can inexpensively do a small TXo-only run to cover interested folks who missed out.

Don’t worry - we’ll figure this out. :slight_smile:



Ugh! So mad I missed the TXo’s. Please do let us know. Also sending a PM.


I managed to buy a txi. Any second thoughts regarding the bundle were surpassed by the reality of not being available.
In normal times i would inquire about the shipping methods. But this was war :slight_smile:

I choose the simpler one and i hope there is some tracking info and/or insurance…

Anyway, very eager to play with it, Thanks for making them!


Thanks Brandon, I pmd you


Quick Sale Update

For those that ordered - all of the TELEX have been flashed (to v.018) and tested one last time. Yes, I’m a little OCD. I boxed them up today and will be doing the shipping boxes tomorrow. Expect the whole lot to drop in the post on Monday morning.


I did one final pass on the firmware, pushing us up to v.018 for both units.

I highly recommend upgrading to v.018 ASAP if you loaded v.017 on your units. I upgraded my Teensy and Arduino packages and this, inadvertently, reverted a startup optimization and the default clock settings. In order to be running the units as-designed, you need to use the latest HEX files for v.018.

Here are the full release notes:

TELEX Release v.018

Fixes a couple of key problems with the v.017 update; recommended to update ASAP if you are running the v.017 update.


  • Recompiled to target overclocked processor (120MHz)
  • Adjusted Start-Up Delay (due to reversion by an Arduino IDE update)


  • Recompiled to target overclocked processor (120MHz)
  • Adjusted Start-Up Delay (due to reversion by an Arduino IDE update)
  • Fixed bug in Calibration Code (v.017 was inverting values)
  • Decreased input sampling rate to 1ms


Did you update the firmware to v.018 on the new units you are shipping out?


Yes, I did. Everything is running the latest and has gone through four QA cycles to validate everything. I was pretty obsessive this run. :slight_smile:


Thanks again, @bcpmusic, for doing another run of these! My wife and I took a trip down to Portland for the weekend, and I successfully ordered a bundle while eating brunch. The future is now! :wink:


Thanks for all the kind words, understanding, and support from everyone. I’m extremely appreciative. This has been an amazing experience.

All of the packages from the sale are on the road. Folks at the US Post Office in Marina Del Rey were super-helpful in allowing me to bypass the lines and drop boxes and go straight into one of their sorting carts:

Good luck to all of the new TELEX owners. Please reach out here or via email if you have any troubles at all. You are going to have a great time exploring them!!

Thanks again to everyone!!!


Any chance of snagging any type of expander somehow?


The store still has some TXi but the TXo available on the store are sold out for this run (though contacting bpcmusic is probably better to have a definite answer on that).


The TXi are now also sold out for this run. We had a lot more TXi than TXo, so it isn’t surprising that they went a little slower.

I still have a bunch of the bus boards available - though I might zero out the inventory at the end of the week so that folks don’t order and expect me to ship while I’m away on business.

Ok. Here are some details for those that missed out.

I have a small amount of TXo and TXi that will appear in the store in a few weeks. These are the backup/reserve units that I’d mentioned before. They have an oddball purple back board (from OSH Park) as opposed to the white boards of all of the other TELEX (save my prototypes). They are functionally identical with all the same parts.

I’ll release them once all of the shipments have landed and people have had a chance to validate that everything arrived safely. I’m assuming they will disappear as soon as I put them up as I have a list of interested parties that is longer than my TXo count.

As for future runs - I’ll come clean. After a few glasses of wine when I’d boxed the last of this run, I got a little melancholy. When I woke up in the morning, there was wine on my keyboard and notices in my inbox that there were now orders for a run of TXo PCBs and Panels. I’m wondering if my computer got hit by the 2AM worm?!


I’m not 100% certain what I’m going to do with them - but I guess the ball is rolling for whatever comes next. Damn you 2AM Worm!!!

To be fair, whatever happens won’t happen for many, many months. This guy needs a break. :slight_smile:


Just received and installed my Telex tonight; one TXi and two TXo’s - I’m a happy guy tonight, thanks @bpcmusic