Telex: Teletype expanders


Horray!!! Glad they are working for you. The picture is awesome! Thanks for sharing!!!

Nice rig, btw. Looks AMAZING!


Is that relevant but what is the difference between a TXo and an Ansible in Teletype mode? I know the Txo can act as oscillators but is that the only difference?


Anyone elses tracking not updating? Mine is still in “Pre-Shipment - SHIPPING LABEL CREATED, USPS AWAITING ITEM”-mode

I’ve had other USPS-shipments being weird like that in the past, so i’m not really worried, but since I used the DHL international express option, I’d have thought things would’ve moved on a bit quicker.


TXo CV outs can act as oscillators, envelopes, or LFOs; trigger outs can have independent metronomes, be set to trigger on end-of-cycle for the envelopes (and the LFOs, I believe?), and be set to trigger a certain number of times and then shut off… plenty more goodies in the Teletype manual.


TXo is bipolar, Ansible is not.


I’ve noticed it can take a day or so for the system to register it. Per my records, it looks like I only have one shipment in that state. The shipment is the last TXi that went out yesterday end-of-day.

Given that, I’m assuming yours is tracking now. Maybe you should check again?

Some Stats for Thursday

39% Delivered
9% Out for Delivery
29% In Transit



Received mine. Thank you.
For others who like me are lazy and don’t read the manual: If you have more than one of each Telex, you need to set their addresses with the jumpers. Caused me some confusion earlier.


Yeah, mine switched status sometime yesterday evening. All good, thanks for checking :slight_smile:


Yesterday I came across something that could be a bug:


This gives me the expected behavior of producing a subtle LFO.

Now if I do TO.CV.OFF 1 V 2, I expect to get the same subtle LFO shifted up two volts. But instead, it is the range of the LFO that changes to V 2, as if I had entered TO.CV 1 V 2. Is this normal behavior?

I am on v.018 and the behavior is reproducible.


Received my TXi/TXo bundle on Thursday and had a blast last night writing scripts for them. Thanks @bpcmusic! I ran into one issue though which I’m sure is user error. I had setup an envelope on TXo output 2 that would not trigger. The same script was outputting CV on TXo 1 so I know the script was firing. I eventually gave up and saved the scene. This morning when I loaded it up, the envelope triggered as expected. I know there are keyboard shortcuts to mute scripts. Is there also one to mute outputs that maybe I had accidentally hit? Thanks!


Hey @bpcmusic i just received my secon TXi and read the “TINY HINT” note. I got to say that i am a bit worried each time i take the modular out because of the boards connection so i am really considering what is written in the LUDICROUSLY SMALL HINT part :upside_down_face: I already DIYed some modules so from what i saw it should be ok but i would be really reassured if anyone could post a picture or two of successful boards soldering… I don’t what to fry my babies…


Apologies for being a little out of touch these last few days. I’m literally on the other side of the world from my home through the end of the week. Still trying to figure out what end is up!

Yeah - I discovered something similar when I was playing around with it before I left on my trip. I found that the sequence was important. For example, this worked:

TO.CV 1 V -5

But, if I put the offset AFTER the CV setting - it didn’t. Try setting a CV value after the offset for now. I’ll look into the fix when I’m back in the states this weekend / next week.

Sorry. That used to work solidly. Somehow I let a regression slip in back in July. :frowning:

I haven’t seen anyone who has done it yet. I keep mine separate for QC purposes. Anyone solder their boards together?


So, what are those tiny and ludicrous hints? Sounds mysterious…


:grin: It is just a piece of paper that you find in the modules box describing how to take care of the expenders by checking that the 2 boards don’t unplug when you move you case.


Managed to snatch one telexi, really hoping to at some point get another one along with 2 telexo!


No special keyboard shortcuts for the expanders. Just operators.


Can the outputs of TXo be mixed passively with a multiple like they can with the Mannequins modules?


Suggestion for future firmware: calibration (or at least a zero nulling procedure) for the TXo’s CV outputs. I’m seeing around -19mV of offset at CV 0, which is enough to be audible when e.g. switching the CV in and out of an oscillator’s pitch control. I can of course offset by around +30, but calibration would be super nice too. :slight_smile:


Seconded. Some of the CV outs have a noticeable offset at zero.


Good question; don’t know why they wouldn’t be able to be. To be honest, I’ve never tried it. Anyone?

Got it. Expect a new release in the next week or so. :slight_smile: