Telex: Teletype expanders

Great! Thanks @bpcmusic Really looking forward to these! :slight_smile:

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Really excited as well! Got a pair on the first run and am looking forward to working with more.

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That would be really cool if there could be a waiting list for those who missed out on the last run honestly.


I do hope you get a couple of Telex this go round @madeinspace and would hope that @bpcmusic put you on a priority as you were so close last time. I bought two TXo’s and one TXi that day and now with the i2c connection to my ER-301 I feel well setup with my Monome system so far. Now I need a Grid and I’m certain I’ll be wanting the New Thing! whatever it may be…oh and the Faderbank :slight_smile:


Thanks yeah really hope I can make it this time. Is there a new monome thing coming up? :smiley:


Watching closely time to get into this

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noticed this morning that the envelopes coming out of my TXo seem to dip below 0v at the end of decay. i was using it with a filter and could hear it happening so i ran i through the scope on er-301 to see what was going on and sure enough, there is a brief dip. i have attack set to zero, the decay set to 1000 and the voltage is controlled by a TXi knob. Is there something really obvious that would cause this? i don’t use TXo for envelopes very often so i might’ve missed something…

Thanks for reporting. Can we get a little more info?

  • What is your resting voltage at TO.CV 1 0? Have you calibrated it?
  • What do you have your envelope’s peak voltage set to?
  • What firmware version are you running on the TXo?
  • How far below zero are you seeing the dip?

That will help us replicate/evaluate what you are seeing.

I’m excited to understand and (potentially) catch a bug! :slight_smile:

Is that weird?


Haha, not weird, means your a real dev :wink:

Up until now I’ve been using TT input 1 for clock duties regarding Telex TXo trigger duties. Tonight I was trying to find how I could use input 2 or 3 or 4 etc., to drive TR 2, 3, or 4 independently of the clock in TT input 1?

What exactly are you trying to do? The question isn’t totally clear. Thx!

I have a clock signal going into jack #1 on the Teletype.

The TXo SC.TR #1 is sending out a trigger to the ER-301 using the clock signal from the Teletype.

I want to use a clock division on SC.TR #2 for a trigger to another unit on the ER-301, so my idea was to patch another clock signal in jack #2 on the Teletype. As I’m typing this out I’m starting to feel that I’m missing something regarding using a math operator on the SC.TR command line???

Are you using the Teletype SC ops to directly control the 301? If so, that doesn’t involve the TXo at all.

I’m also still having trouble following what you’re trying to achieve. Could you share your TT code?

If you want a division of the clock coming in from Input 1 then you should be able to do that in the script, and then send the new divided clock to any output you like.

If you want a completely separate clock then you could use a separate input, in your script you would read from the new input instead of Input 1 to get the new clock…

I feel like I’m still not really understanding

Huge blunder in thinking on my part as to why was I thinking the TXo had any role.

What would the syntax be to divide the clock signal per output when using SC.TR as I’ve never defined the clock source?

Again regarding the SC.TR operator, how do I specify a specific input?

You’ll probably get better responses to SC specific questions over on the O|D thread.

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You need an event to trigger that. I would put these scripts into M and create rules to trigger them (using the EVERY command, I believe). You can also put these into a numbered script, but that script needs to be triggered by a clock source.

Also, yeah it doesn’t sound like the Telex expander is what you want if you don’t want to physically patch into the ER-301.

I think I’ve just spotted my break in logic…because I have 100 possible triggers or cv’s to the ER-301 I was failing to associate a script number to an input number – oops.

What I was trying to do was along these lines:


SC.TR 2 : assign a different clock division

instead of:





It all seems so obvious now, but late at night when I first asked the question I should have tried sleep instead :slight_smile:

I also think I thought about addressing this in the Telex thread due to Brendon being key in this merger between Monome and O|D.

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I would do the clock division within the ER-301 and use just one SC.TR from teletype. Seems easier to me and does not use another teletype script.


Maybe we create a thread here to talk about the i2c integration with the ER-301, link to the appropriate pages over at the OD site/forum, and have any ER-specific scripting discussions? If that sounds like a good idea, I can prime the thread in a little bit. :slight_smile:


Hi –

Longtime lines reader first time poster…

I’m planning on DIY-ing a TXi and TXo and was a little bit unsure about the exact header requirements for each -

If I have a few rows of 1x40 machined pin headers (male) and a few machined female for the teensies, a few rows of 1x40 standard 2.54mm (male + female - for connecting the boards), and a 2x40 standard 2.54mm (male - for power and maybe i2c), should I be good? I think I need to get something separate for the POGO 2x3 i2c connection but couldn’t figure out exactly where to get that or what pogo meant…

It wasn’t clear to me exactly what the device names on the BOMs were specifying…

Silly question but a little guidance would be appreciated!

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