Telex: Teletype expanders


That’s only a mockup I’ve just made, I’m not sure about the HP. 24HP here for Intellijel (following the specs from
It needs to be verified but technically, Telex in 1U should work, I can give you the file if you want to verify/adjust it


Amazing - thanks for the quick reply. I have some 3U 8hp blanks that I could drill out following that pattern, so the file would be useful.

But yeah, the main thing was to know if the PCB would fit - which is very encouraging.

I’ll have plenty to learn with base level teletype once it arrives before I dive into further expansions/customisations…


22HP (111.4mm) seems to be good, too (quick test with a paper panel :D)

The two versions (Front Panel designer) please check again before sending anything to the factory :wink:
txo_1U_Intellijel_22HP.fpd (2.1 KB) 22HP (111.4mm)

txo_1U_Intellijel_24HP.fpd (2.1 KB) 24HP (121mm)

And TXi, but 22hp is not great for this one, the first potentiometer is very close to the edge (approx 3mm between the collar of a Sifam knob and the edge of the panel)
txi_1U_Intellijel_22HP.fpd (2.1 KB) 22HP (111.4mm)

Better use a 24HP version for the TXi
txi_1U_Intellijel_24HP.fpd (2.1 KB) 24HP (121mm)

22hpTxi Potentiometer is too close to the edge

Edit: added the file for TXi & 24hp versions 121 mm instead of 121.9


That’s so cool. I might do it. !


Off topic: I love your generic panels for your mutable modules. Any other photos?


Thanks ! Yes there are some photos of them on my Instagram account @nordseele_
Plaits, Marbles, Shades, Braids, Streams, Tides v1, Shelves, with different names


Found the build/BOM for the i2c backpack/busboard


3mm between collar and edge of panel wouldn’t scare me off, personally. that isn’t much different compared to other modules even just in the picture you attached :slight_smile:

Pam’s encoder is definitely closer to the edge, Pole looks like it might be 3-4mm, and the jack nuts on my Intellijel 1U headphone module and knob skirts on my 1U Quadratt must be within 3mm of panel edge, too. no pressure either way from me to do 22hp, just thought I’d point out that it probably wouldn’t feel too tight once installed!

edit: plus, I personally think using blank panels to gain space would work for folks who want extra space, but the 1U world is full of tough combinations of hp so keeping things as compact as possible will likely help widen the appeal (if that matters).


Hey @bpcmusic it’s been a while since you made an appearance here. I’m sure I’m not the only one who’d love an update and for me personally my interest is in the TXo upgrade :slight_smile:


Hi. Apologies to all for being so quiet lately. Work has been whisking me out of town and out of the country constantly this year. It has been kinda bananas.

I’ve been chipping away at my final tasks in the cracks. All TXn and TXb are boxed and ready. Some % of the TXo have also been boxed. All remaining modules are assembled and awaiting Teensy and final testing. I have all of the Teensy on hand and was able to resume attaching headers to them today.

I’m home for the holidays so it shouldn’t be too much longer before they are all ready to ship and the store goes up. I’ll give you all notice well in advance. :slight_smile:


So does that mean that there are still some TXb left. I’m desperate for this as I have Ansbible and ER-301, but nothing to power the i2c connection to make it work with polyearthsea


I’ll purchase one of each please
Thanks for making cool stuff


There will be plenty TXb, I think (based on interest shown on the site). I made a bunch of them.

The TXo, TXo+, and TXi will go quickly. I think the TXn will as well - even though I made a bunch of them too.

I’m currently putting headers and daughterboards on the Teensy 3.6 processors for the TXo+ modules. It is a pretty slow process I’m finding as there are a lot of pins to solder and then to trim.

When putting on the daughterboard, I need to snip the headers so that they don’t touch and remove the “extra pin” that isn’t used (the one to the right of the daughterboard).

I’ll be notifying folks here a few days before the sale goes up and, as has been my practice, I’ll work to pick a time that is the least painful with some international considerations. :slight_smile:


Hey… where do you find those pin headers? Are the pins round?


Amazon/Ebay. They are listed as “precision headers” or “machined headers”. I always have to go on a hunt for them when I need volume - but they slimmed up the TX modules a bit to help the two-board layout fit in most cases.


Yeah OK - I have some machined headers that are round and they don’t want to work with the “square” female headers I have from Tayda so I’ve been wondering about other options. :slight_smile:


Stupid question but I couldn’t find the answer : is it possible to upgrade a TXo to TXo+ and if so what is involved, i.e. what do I need to get and what do I need to do (especially : is soldering involved) ?

Thanks again for all your work :metal:


Yes, me too.
I have two TXos, and Would like to have these up to spec with the TXo+

Thank you for help/advice!


Not available yet, but…


Yes, I’ve read that page before but I’m still not sure at all of what needs to be done to perform the upgrade (I’m more of a software person than hardware person) :slight_smile:.