Telex: Teletype expanders


20 characters of watch -n1 date :sweat_smile:


Thank you so much, @bpcmusic for making this.


in there!! 20 characters


boo-ya! got my pair.

Thanks :smiley:


TXo+ here I coooooooommmme!


TXn + two TXo upgrades on the way!


yes! managed to grab m!


been waiting for a TXn for months - thanks in advance!!


TXb achieved. Thanks!


Got what I was after thansk @bpcmusic!


I was too slow on the draw to pick up any i2c cables… what would yall recommend wrt to buying or making one’s own?


Got em! Thanks @bpcmusic!


I have some available and could make more in the next few days:

(EDIT - and I can make some reversed cables for the older ER-301 as well)


Also posted above by @alanza

Also some OD forum cross posting:


Somehow I managed to underestimate the world’s rapacious thirst for reversed I2C cables–the planetary supply was depleted in 1 minute. At least I snagged my TXb–haha.


I just ordered a TXb (thanks @bpcmusic!); does anybody know where I can get a proper i2c cable to be used with an ER-301?


The adrenaline is real. Thanks, @bpcmusic!


Thank you much !!!


That would be great–could use a reversed cable. Thanks!


Set my alarm to get my order in… glad I did! Thank you @bpcmusic !!!