Telex: Teletype expanders


Got everything on my list (minus cables ha, looks like I’ll be hitting up @okyeron), thanks so much @bpcmusic!


Glad I got mine in time! Thanks so much @bpcmusic!


Stoked to grab the TXo+, TXi, and TXn! Should’ve jumped on i2c cables first though – they were gone in seconds! Just ordered some female-to-female breadboard jumpers on amazon instead. From the DIY i2c cables thread it looks like they should work.


Email notification system worked a treat!


Panicked as I looked at the time an hour late… all good now.
Now, to find some space in my case.


I could use a reversed cable too. Thanks!

(The reversed i2c cable dematerialized in my bpc shopping cart, but at least I could grab a TXb – thanks @bpcmusic!)


Missed the i2c bus 20 characters of fml


Was just clicking on PayPal when the 2x Txb I had in my cart disappeared. So gutted :frowning: Please make some more @bpcmusic


Thanks for making the opening hour 7am in Japan and not during the night. I managed to make my order while waking up :slight_smile:.

I got a TXo+ updgrade for my TXo, not sure if I’ll really need it but I do like having more waveforms… I forgot about the i2c cables though.


I’m really surprised anyone is concerned about i2c cables. Use female-to-female jumpers. They’re enormously cheaper.

This is not like a soldering/DIY option either. You just peel them off in sets of 3. If you have a reversed cable situation, just take care of it when connecting. It’s not at all hard.

Something like this (female-to-female) version:


Yeah, I know they’re simple jumper cables but for some reason I couldn’t find the exact ones I want online and I don’t have time to go to Akihabara to check electronics components stores :slight_smile:.


Dude! Person! Human! You have Akihabara at your disposal. You should be able to make a space missile defense system from the junk at your corner store.

Srsly though sending i2c cables to that part of Tokyo is coals to Newcastle. These are common-enough breadboarding cables.


Super happy with this little output corner now!


Humblebrag of the year:

Love it. :smiley:


With regards to i2C cables. While jumper leads work fine - I found them fiddly and they had a tendency to fall off the pins when moving modules around. I have Teletype connected to 6 devices: Ansible, TXi, 2 x TXo (soon to be +), Just Friends and ER-301.

With the exception of the ER-301, which is the ‘older’ model with the i2c hack - which only has 3 pins exposed with little room - I am using these drive cables to connect everything to the TT busboard. If you don’t need to daisy chain - I highly recommend them. They were about £4 for 5 on Amazon, though the exact listing has gone.

“Hard Drive Female IDC 6 Pin Extension Flat Ribbon Cable”


I thought about merging three jumpers into a single connector with some Sugru to make them a bit less fiddly. I’d want to be careful about not gluing the connectors to the modules though :slight_smile:


A bit of superglue works :slight_smile: Seriously, I make these connectors a lot for arduino/IoT projects, a lazy thing to do is join them with a soldering iron. Hold the three connectors together and lightly tap a few points where the plastic end meet. This welds them together nicely in a group. If they are snug together they should not fall off. If they are still loose, you can also slightly bend the connector pins outwards and the leads will hold more tightly.


Another bonkers sale. Thanks to all of you for your support, encouragement, and patience!!

I’ve started boxing and shipping. I’m a little under 20% through the orders and am expecting to box a lot more when I get home from work tonight.

Do unfold your invoice when you open your box - I’m stuffing all of the little pieces of paper with instructions, hints, and general ramblings in there.

My ability to predict things once again was proven wrong. How many times did I mention that the TXb weren’t going to sell out? I was so confident. And so very off.

I also massively underestimated the need for i2c cables (see discussions above). Sorry. Good thing is that they are super easy to make. (I just use jumpers broken into threes, shrink wrap the ends, and mark one end with a silver sharpie.)

There are a few modules left if you were worried that you missed out. After less than 24 hours we are in single digits on the TXo+ and TXi. Less than twenty each of the TXo and TXn remain as well. Get them while they last. :slight_smile:

This was good as I was worried that I would undershoot the expander demand again. I purposely aimed at the top of the expressed interest to make sure that everyone who wanted one would get a chance. I’m not planning on doing another run of these hand-built units. So, this is it if you want one. :slight_smile:

Can’t wait until everyone gets their units. When yours is boxed and ready, you will get a notification from Shopify. I drop them in the post the next business day (if at night PST) or later that day (if in the morning). Tracking goes active once the post office has processed them.


Thanks so much for having made these. Are they on Modular Grid?


check “Show other/unknown Modules”