Telex: Teletype expanders


Thank you for your hard work and build time. I was sure the TXn was gonna go super quick. The potential for multi-waveform TXo oscillators in stereo is blowing my mind.


Aha! Thanks very much:


Same here. Just managed to snag a TXn, which I have no doubt will be equally wonderful paired with Just Friends in synthesis mode :exploding_head:


:open_mouth:I’ve been content taking the mono mix out but that changes everything.


this is exactly what i was thinking! maybe with a lead right down the middle? so so so so pumped.


Bam! In retrospect, I have no idea why I didn’t have a TXn in my cart last night along with my TXo - glad to have gotten one in the end.


Nearness is just magic with multi-voice modules (TXo, JustFriends, 4VOX Flame, E370). It is why I got excited about it and made the 2HP remix. When I had the first prototype running, I was blown away at how alive the stereo field can be - especially with hocketing. It is also a great fixed mono mixer when you only use one output!

@billyhologram did a wonderful job designing the original module. Deceptively simple, the placement of the voices in the stereo field is wonderful. The ergonomics of the design are top notch. It works the way it looks. Period. So cool.

I was honored to be able to make a version for the Telex family (the TXn).

Once you patch with one it is hard to think of living without it. I’ve kept a few for myself and might just set aside a few more out of pure greed. :slight_smile:



Thanks for the kind words, and right back at you! TXn is a very neat redesign, and I’m stoked it’s now available. Can’t wait to see what people get up to with it.


Exact same thing here :sweat_smile:
Today I woke up in the middle of the night and grabbed a TXn.


Would have loved to buy TXn but can’t justify it financially right now. :frowning: Will try and build one once the files are up :slight_smile:


It astonishes me how much “modular music” (sorry if that’s a reductive term) is basically only pseudo-stereo at best. I have nothing against the large “performance mixers” in eurorack, but personally I feel all it does is import the desktop mixer paradigm instead of being, well, modular.

So needless to say I’m so, so happy about TXn. I haven’t a clue what any of the other TX series do—it’s all a bit mystifying—but TXn/Nearness solves a massive, massive problem in modular instrument design that’s just lurking under the surface and is largely either worked around or ignored.



Got my TXn and (2) TXo upgrades today.

TXn/Nearness is every bit as good as I hoped. I have some plans for the extra TXo horsepower.

Thanks so much for making these, they are clearly a labor of love. :slight_smile:


I managed to break every jack protector off in both of my TXb :sweat: the struggle to get the bits out is real. @bpcmusic, any tips for clearing the jacks?


Just received my TXo and installed but cannot get it to respond to any TT commands. TT becomes unresponsive and freezes with any command issued. Any thoughts?

I’m on TT 3.0. I’m using a backpack on my “green” TT. FWIW, Just Friends and Earthsea seem to be working fine with this setup but my W/ mysteriously died (this could be unrelated but is suspicious).


I think you may have plugged the I2C in the wrong way round


Wow - you were right. I was actually (stupidly) using the 6 pin header on the back connected with the gnd on the thick line side of the header. There were 2 other banks of 3 pin headers but the labeling was so tiny I couldn’t see what they were. I had to use a flashlight to find the gnd connector, connected it up, and now it works. I didn’t see any reference to this on the github instructions but I think I’m good now. I wonder if this is would have killed my W/?

EDIT: looks like whatever happened to W/ was unrelated.


I hope not! My experience misconnecting I2C was the same as yours: Teletype would crash immediately upon issuing an I2C command, and all seemed to be well on restart once I fixed things.


All - pin configuration is in the manual that I included in your package (it was folded in with your invoice). The basic setup and configuration is documented there. :slight_smile:

@Justmat - ARG!! Do you have any tweezer-guys that can get in there? Will it shake out? PM me and we can figure this out.

@jnoble - thx!!!

Finally - the last of my shipments should be boxed and in the post this weekend. (I’m boxing as fast as I can!)



You are right - thank you!


Maybe TXb rev2 should have thru holes behind the jacks :joy: