Telex: Teletype expanders


Well that explained why one of my jack protectors was shorter than the other. I only need one but being into Eurorack meant there was no way knowing this I’d be able to leave that situation like that. I found that taking off the face plate and using a needle to work the tiny window on the side of the jack I was able to maneuver the tip into a spot where I cajoled it out of the jack. Phew…


I got all but one jack cleared. I too discovered the window!


I’ve received a few reports of the plastic jack plugs breaking off when removed (including those above) - enough to believe that this is a thing that will happen frequently. Sigh.

I’m removing the Jack Plugs from all TXb that haven’t yet shipped or that were given tracking numbers today. During this process, I’ve verified that if they aren’t carefully removed, the things can snap off.

Aside: I’m so sorry this happened.

I’ve been testing the plastic jacks for a year and didn’t find any problems with them. While I was a little worried about them breaking off, it hadn’t occurred for me or any of my beta-testers. My hypothesis is that there was a printing error that I didn’t catch where a row of filament was missed causing a brittle middle in the jacks. Resting under pressure in the jacks for the several months that these have been ready to go exacerbated their susceptibility. Sigh.

Ok. If you have a TXb already or it shipped earlier in the week, I suggest you carefully remove your Jack Plugs and then throw them in the bin. If one breaks off, you can carefully use the windows to coax the bit out as described in the thread above. Be careful not to let the broken bit fall out of the shaft - once it does that, it appears that it is pretty impossible to remove with the jack still soldered to the circuit board.

Now, if you have one that broke off and you can’t coax it out you have two things you can do:

  1. If you like to solder (or you have a friend that does) it is pretty easy to desolder the two jacks. The plastic bit will then fall out or be easily removed with a pair of tweezers.

  2. PM or email me and we will work together to get it fixed.

Again - I’m really embarrassed about this and super-sorry about the hassle. I thought that the jacks would be super-cool and a nice protection against errant patching that could cause problems (if not damage). I suggest a bit of electrical tape over the hole once you get the plugs out - just in case…


Hot needle works if it falls too far down the hole.


Ok; that is brilliant!!


Installed my TXo+ yesterday (which also happens to be my first expander), and wow — I’m floored by how deep and intuitive it is. The best feeling for me is when I coax completely new sounds out of my system, which happened a bunch of times yesterday. Huge :+1: to @bpcmusic !


Dumb question.
How do you set the ‘root’ of the TO.OSC?

TO.CV 1 V 5 [sets the volume of the osc]
TO.OSC 1 V 5 [Sets freq of OSC]

I have a Pattern of Notes. [0,3,7,3]
How do I keep V5 as the root and use the pattern to change 1v/oct?

Do I have to Add it each time?


You could give yourself a root note as A V 5 and then write TO.OSC 1 + A N 12 or what have you? I had a (brief!) look through the manual to see if there was something like JF.SHIFT, but I didn’t see anything.


Thanks. Figured as much. I guess its nice to have a VAR for the root.


It looks like maybe TO.OSC.CTR could do the trick with a little finessing. Not sure though and I don’t have my TXo yet.


tried it. seems like its for LFO.


Can confirm that @alanza’s code above works perfectly!


In my reading the CTR command is to offset (as in DC) the output, not the pitch (offset as in transpose)


whoa I hadn’t even considered putting JF into it!


All orders are now boxed and ready to go to the post office tomorrow morning. Thanks again for all of the support in getting this build done!

Still a few TXo, TXi, and TXn in the shop. I expect them to disappear soon - there aren’t that many left.

As to what will be available in the near future? I’m not sure.

  • I do know this the last run for the hand-built TXo and TXi. (I do have some PCBs and Panels remaining that I will no doubt bundle at some point so that others can build if they want.)

  • I have a bunch of almost-built TXb sitting here. I just didn’t order enough panels as I underestimated interest. I will very likely get some panels and build the rest of what is almost complete.

  • While I haven’t sold out of the TXn, I do expect to - especially after folks experience the magic of nearness. I have enough panels and PCBs that this may appear sometime in the future.

  • I have a lot of populated TeensyHelper boards that could make their way into TXo+ upgrades. Still figuring out what to do with them. Maybe I’ll post them for DIY? Not sure.

Regardless of the thoughts above, I do plan to take some serious time and make music again. This has taken up all of my free time for the last year and I’m woefully behind on the sonic enjoyment of it all. :slight_smile:


I was telling my wife tonight how the tolerance and acceptance and support and creativity that this community embodies has made my small contribution feel very meaningful and important. I want to thank you all for being so supportive of each other, so kind to those who are new, and so accepting to those that are different. For encouraging and supporting people as they experiment, learn, and grow. There are a lot of places online and in the world that could lean loads from what happens here. I’m proud to be a small part of it. Thanks!


Damn you Brendon as I thought I had all that I needed, but the dangling carrot of nearness has pushed me to having to bring it closer. Off to the chicken factory known as BPCMusic I go…

[Edit:] There is less nearness to be purchased this evening, but there will be more in Arizona this coming week.


I was also trying to abstain from this sale but after reading about using JF with TXn I couldn’t resist either.


Thanks again for doing all that :slight_smile:. Looking forward to my TXo+ upgrade…

Related to that, once I upgrade I will have a normal TXo board with the teensy in it that I won’t need anymore. What would be the best thing to do with it ? I don’t think I have people locally who would be interested in that and international postage can be expensive but it could be a good idea for people in the same situation as me to make these available to more DIY-inclined people maybe ?


I would buy teensy’s from people upgrading TXo’s :grin:

In your case it might be 6 month or more until I get back to Japan tho.


Yeah - there is no transpose function outside of what you can do on the TT. Do you guys think that this is something that would be valuable?

I passed on it during my initial development as I thought it could get pretty confusing. But, clearly, the firmware allows you to do some pretty confusing things already. :slight_smile:

I love that command. Can do some really cool stuff with it. :slight_smile: :slight_smile: