Telex: Teletype expanders


If we’re talking firmware additions already, I have some ideas that have been pent up for a while … :smiley:


Store is now sold out for this run. Whew!

Just finished boxing up the final units. Here were the stragglers just before boxing:

Lots of questions about TXb - I will officially confirm that more will be on the way. Just ordered the panels today. PCBs are already awaiting them (some populated, some awaiting parts):

Given lead times - it will take a bit before everything is here. Just want you to know they are coming at some point in the next few months.

For those that ordered, it usually takes a day or so for things to show up in the USPS systems here in LA - especially for international shipments. Everything should start tracking soon… :slight_smile:


So cool that all of these moved so quickly! Congratulations!
Looking forward to those panel/PCBs if they end up in the store sometime soon :sunglasses:


re: telexb plugs

(anyone want to go halfers?)

p.s. This lead me down a weird amazon mobile phone jewelry rabbit-hole aka the next big thing in eurorack.


I hadn’t seen the bedazzled ones! :slight_smile: In my searches I did find some fruit:

I ordered some of these rubber things from Amazon:

The look the least likely to break off. (Once bitten…) I’ll report here once I get them - but it looks like the lead time is ridiculous. Wish I’d have noticed that first…


Wow. Just wanted to comment about how great it is using the TXo as both an oscillator and an envelope on the same cv output. i must have forgotten after reading through this thread but I’m glad I tried it out tonight.


The Teensy upgrades and the TXn are lovely. Thanks for your efforts Brendon.


Found my jack protection solution! :smile:


Just installed my TXn (thanks @bpcmusic) and wondered what the included jumpers are for? (Everything appears to be working as expected)


A small TXi question:

I’m trying to do simple quantized notes, so:

TI.IN.MAP 1 0 23

CV 1 TI.IN.N 1



both only return zero.

CV 1 N TI.IN 1 works, but as far as I understand, that bypasses the quantization completely?

What am I missing here?

EDIT: I obviously have an LFO plugged into the IN 1 of the telexi.

EDIT 2: Have also tried CV 1 N TI.IN.N 1 and CV 1 N TI.IN.QT 1…


According to the included paper manual, I believe it pads each channel by 6db

Here is a relevant post:


Anyone using TXn with MN Rosie?
I can’t seem to get any stereo separation using either the headphone out or the TRS out of Rosie.

I’m yet to try the TXn directly into a mixer.


Ah, I managed to miss the manual, wrapped up with the invoice in the outer box! Thanks.