Telex: Teletype expanders

I’ve been trying my hand at a few simpler SMD builds, hoping to get good enough to do a TXi.

Results so far do not leave me hopeful.


I’m glad to see @kauwgomboom was successful with a Teensy 4.1-based TXi. I have a Teensy 4.0 that I would love to build into a TXo for use with crow. Am I in for a world of pain if I try it? My understanding from upthread is that the i2c library was the main blocker but if the 4.1 TXi works well, maybe that issue has been cleared…?

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Well I celebrated too early, I’m having a lot of trouble with stability, it just looses track of the param knobs stops responding. I’ve had so much trouble that I’m just building a Tesseract Sweet 16 now to be done with it :face_exhaling:

oof, that’s rough. I hope you have better luck with the sweet 16!

I’m about to start building a TXi and TXo. I have the helper for the TXo, and was hoping to try a Teensy 4.1. Reading the thread this seems possible. Am I setting myself up for disaster? And do I have to do anything special to get this to work? I am no incredibly experienced in this stuff, but I did successfully build a Terminal, and I’ve done quite a bit of through hole DIY projects.