Telexi er-301 control

telexi er-301 control

alt firmware for telexi module for er-301 control

this firmware allows you to use telexi module to control er-301 over i2c. there is a couple of limitations that render this not super useful but i thought i’d post it in case some people do find a use for it. this basically adds 4 knobs and 4 inputs to er-301.

the limitations are:

  • i2c power and pullups are required, so you will need a powered i2c backpack or txb module
  • it doesn’t work in a multi leader setup, so you can’t use it if you have any other leaders on your i2c bus (teletype, polyearthsea, 16n in leader mode)


powered i2c backpack or txb module
non leader i2c setup only


connect both er-301 and telexi to a powered i2c backpack or txb.
knobs 1-4 will be output on SC.CV 1-4 and inputs 1-4 will be output on SC.CV 5-8


v1.0.0 - telexi_er301.hex (163.5 KB)

for instructions on how to update your firmware see the excellent telexi manual or check the github link


This is amazing (as always)! You’ve basically created the first stand-alone input expander for ER-301.

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thanks - the honour belongs to @bpcmusic really, all i did was a simple firmware mod!

i have an idea of being able to use this alongside 16n by having telexi poll values from 16n (running in follower mode) and transmitting them to er-301- will give this a try and see how well it works.


Hello ! is it possible to connect 2 telexi to ER301 ? i tried it, the first one work fine, but not the second one… thanks !

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Thanks for making it be the way :slight_smile:

Not without the use of a separate leader module like Teletype or Crow.

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oki :wink: thank you, just on is fine already !

could also make one telexi poll the other one, but yeah afraid it’s not a very common use case.

I have 2 just friends which would be amazing for this and an er301 - possible? :slight_smile:

you mean using telexi to control just friends? or something else?