Tell me about interesting online collaborations


Looks good.

One structure I’ve enjoyed was the 64-bar Challenge, which developed on the Ninja Tune Forum about a decade ago.

They gave a BPM and participants had 64 bars plus two bars either side for mixing. Often these would be a beatless intro, then a break for the outro.

I like the idea of layering results though, as this would get a richer result.

Not sure if it needs an agreed key or if a skilled mixer could bring different keys together?


Well, that calls for an “it depends” answer. Some styles are more tolerant of harmonic non-conformity than others. No amount of skill is going to turn a bunch of hip-hop samples into a symphonic movement. So perhaps some stylistic direction is also necessary (and might substitute for a key signature).


Maybe not a symphonic movement but putting those two together and opening an otherwise unlikely collaboration could be interesting, no?


For sure, if that’s the goal. So the idea is that folks would talk about all this in context of a track and then do what the group decides for that track.

Let’s find at least two more people who want to try it and then give it a go?


It could go so many ways!

Would participants collaborate on one track? That could decided by the level of interest, I guess.

I like the idea that people would work within a set number of bars and tempo, with the understanding that their track would overlap (wholly or partially) with another.

When submitting their track they might give an outline of key and/or chords, if relevant.

The mixer(s) would arrange the results. They wouldn’t edit tracks, aside from approximating levels and possibly fading in or out or using simple effects within the two bars either side of the 64-bar track.